What is a ‘Discovery Tour? — ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Ubisoft also offers an alternative way to immerse oneself in the world it has created, if you don’t like hunting down people. Discovery Tour: Viking Age.Maxime Durand, World Design Director at World Design, talked to Maxime Durand before the game was launched. Get distractedLearn more about the games and the labor involved. Discovery Tour Is.

What is a “Discovery Tour?”

Only three are available Assassin’s Creed Games that are based on Discovery TourThey have other versions. Valhalla The most recent version. Usually released years after the original, the Discovery ToursThese games are intended to provide a more accessible experience for anyone who wishes to explore the historical periods created in them.

“With the Discovery Tour, the idea is that we wanted to reuse the game environment and reuse things that have been built for Assassin’s Creed, but we wanted to create a different type of game,”Maxime spoke to us.

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“We wanted to create something that could be accessible for anyone and could provide a safe space to learn history, built in the environments that were created originally for Assassin’s Creed, He continued.It’s really a video game that is meant to teach history using in-game environments, built by Ubisoft, and it’s for everyone.”

'Assassin's Creed Valhalla Discovery Tour: Viking Age'

Source: Ubisoft

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The original games are rated M for mature players and often feature quests in which the protagonist must literally kill others. Discovery TourAll audiences are welcome to play games.

Before Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Discovery Tour – Viking Age Two other releases were made on Oct. 19. Discovery Tours One for Ancient Egypt (from Assassin’s Creed Origins) and one for Ancient Greece (from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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The original games had a more narrative focus and allowed players to take a tour around the area. Discovery Tour: Viking AgeInteractive and interactive, the new game features eight quests that players can complete while exploring the region.

“The idea is that it’s not a narrative anymore. … We’re just living the story of the characters that we created custom made to enhance learning and engage with the subjects that we wanted to talk about,”Maxime.

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Is there a future for more Assassin’s Kreed ‘Discovery Tour’ game?

Maxime said that the success of a game and its reception after it is released are key factors in determining whether a franchise will continue. Discovery Tour games to come — though it is an involved process to create them that involves even more historical research than the base games have.

“We start off with the given environment and we start with the opportunities that are in the game environment and the character designs that are available, and then we do more research,”He said.

“We look at school curriculums in various countries, and we try to come up with what subjects could be interesting for schools. … Then we go into greater depth with that, doing more work with historical consultants.”

Maxime explained that the games are used in classrooms and museums around the globe, giving players a hands-on lesson in history.

“I think everyone loves the idea and I just hope that we can have the opportunity to create more of them,”We heard him tell us.

Discovery Tour: Viking Age All owners can now get it for free Assassin’s Creed ValhallaOr as a stand-alone game.