What is ‘Phrogging? Victims Share What it’s Like to Find an Intruder Living Secretly in Your Home


Lifetime is presenting the stories of the victims in a new series. “phrogging,”This is where someone secretly lives in a home of a resident without that person being aware. 

Amayah McBride, a pre-law student, and her college roommates were the victims of phrogging. She explained that she began to notice clothes and shoes disappearing from those closest to her.

“I honestly thought we had ghosts. I thought that the whole place was haunted, honestly,”McBride stated. 

Then, they found mysterious blond hair in their bathroom tub. All of the roommates have dark hair.

“It’s almost like he knew all of our routines,”McBride stated.

Finally, Drew Swafford aged 30 was discovered in a closet. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 79 days imprisonment.

The roommates were so scared by the experience that they decided to leave the apartment. 

A second family from Hawaii was also a victim of phrogging. A man was living in the Campbells’ attic without them knowing. He was so comfortable in his own home that he made videos of himself on their computers.

The family returned from vacation when they discovered the phrogger and tried to keep them out.