What is this? “Color Analysis”This has taken over TikTok?


Color Analysis TikTok

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Allison Hunt - Author

Ever feel like you don’t look good wearing a certain color of clothing? Even sickly? There’s a reason. Some colors are better for you than others.

This is not a joke. Think about it: We all have different skin tones, undertones, hair and eyes colors — and all of these plays a factor in what colors look good on you, without even bringing style personality into the mix.

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It is also known as “color analysis”It has become a viral sensation on TikTok but, contrary to what Gen Z believes, it has actually been around since a long time. People have been finding their own colors since the 1980s. We’ll credit TikTok for their efforts. DoesThere are several easy ways that you can find yours. First…

What’s the deal? “color analysis”TikTok has been taken over by that?

People talk about when they are talking about “color analysis,”They’re talking about choosing the right color to look good on you based on your hue (warm or cool), value (light or dark) and chroma (“muted vs. saturation”). There are no bad colors, but the color’s hue, value and chroma can make a difference in how brightening or dullening your skin.

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What is it? “color season” mean?

You can use the term color seasons to refer to different color palettes. They are determined by the seasons of the calendar. Each season is further broken down according to hues and value. For example, a spring could be either a warm or cool one. A light or dark fall could be possible. Does that make sense?

There are a few TikTok filters available that will help you identify your color season.

The TikTok Filter used in this video allows you to see examples of the entire season’s color wheel. You can compare your face to all the seasonal color palettes. The filter is called “COLOR ANALYSIS gracemchoi.”

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This filter is a simpler option if you are looking for something more straightforward. “ARMOCROMIA”Only four seasons are available: spring, summer and autumn. This could be better for the “color analysis” beginners.

Naturally, people will jump on this trend like any other!

There are many videos showing people having their color done by professional color analysts. This video shows: “POV: You’re finally getting a personal color test in South Korea and realize you can never wear blue again.”

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This is a stylist and color expert who goes by @agile_stylingThis video by TikTok explains the subtle differences between certain colors.

These videos will hopefully give you the tools to shine brightly and look your best. It doesn’t really matter what you wear, it all comes down to your feelings. Confidence is all about being sexy. “hot”It is a way of thinking.

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