What Kate Middleton originally wanted to name Prince George


Everyone loves the royal family, particularly the younger members. Prince WilliamAnd Kate Middleton’s kids. Prince GeorgeThe name of their first child, and third in-line to the throne is well-known around the world. But did you also know that he was almost given a different name?

Middleton ‘Had Her Heart Set On’A Commoner Name

An article by Vanity Fair that was published in 2013 shortly after George’s birth, it was revealed that Middleton did not originally want to name her firstborn George. What’s funny is that something similar had happened when Middleton’s husband was born, something we have covered in the past. William and Middleton did not know the gender of their unborn child until William arrived. However, this article indicates that Middleton felt it was a boy. 

According to the article she “had set her heart on the name Alexander,”This name is more popular than other royal names. Middleton could add Alexander to the mix even though William and she settled on George. It was his middle name. Louis followed. 

What’s interesting is that the couple ended up naming their youngest child Louis as well. The name honors Prince Philip’s late uncle Lord Mountbatten, whose first name was Louis, and is also one of William’s three middle names. 

How The Couple Honor Family Through Their Kids’ Names

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge use their kids’ middle names to honor many family members. Daughter Princess Charlotte’s middle names are Elizabeth and Diana, after the queen and William’s late mother, Princess Diana. Prince Louis’ second middle name is Charles, after his grandfather Prince Charles. 

Names of royals are often familiar. New babies are often named after monarchs who have gone before them. Although Alexander has never been the British monarch, there are royal ties to the name. Queen Elizabeth’s first middle name is Alexandria, the female version of the name, and there have been many Scottish royals with the name. 

While it seems like Middleton and William don’t have any plans Kate Middleton Shines During Rugby Visit After Taking Over Prince Harry’s Patronage, Here’s Her Best Sporty Looks to add another member to the family, maybe Baby No. 4 will be the Duchess of Cambridge’s chance to use Alexander as a first name. 

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