What makes Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s scene in ‘That’s 70s Show’ reboot strange? According to Her


Netflix has launched a new sitcom that takes viewers back to Point Place, Wisconsin over 16 years later. That ’70s Show wrapped. This beloved series will have cameos from many of its original cast members, including Ashton Kutcher (married couple) and Mila Kunis (married couple). However, Kunis has a problem with her character’s divisive love life.

Mila Kunis Meets Ashton Kutcher During The Show

In 1998, Mila Kunis got her big break on That ’70s Show Jackie Burkhart, the part. Burkhart and Michael Kelso, played in the series by Ashton Kutcher, had a rocky relationship throughout the series. Jackie, played by Ashton Kutcher, also had a relationship later in the series with Steven Hyde, played subsequently by Danny Masterson. As the series drew near, it was not clear which Burkhart would be with.

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However, in the series finale, the writers threw fans a curveball by having Jackie end up with Fez, Wilmer Valderrama’s character. Jackie and Fez didn’t have much in the way of romantic chemistry, but the lovably nerdy Fez always had a crush on the far more popular Jackie. Their romance was a fitting solution to the series-long love triangle, even though it was a little outlandish.

So, Mila Kunis was shocked to find out that the reboot is taking Jackie’s love life in a different direction. The Black Swan The actress spoke out about the reboot at a recent appearance. Today.

‘That’s Even Weirder!’

“We did one scene,” Kunis revealed. “Listen, I’m all for it. Everybody should watch it, it’s a very cute reboot … It’s exactly what you want it to be.” However, the star admitted that there’s one detail about her cameo that felt a bit off. As many fans know, Kunis and Kutcher didn’t date while on the show together, but they reconnected years later, and now they’re married and share two children.

“Spoiler alert, my husband and I are in [the series] as a couple, which is weird.”Kunis continues to explain that writers decided that Kunis and Kutcher were so well-known as a couple that it would be more beneficial for their characters to end in the same place.

“I was like, ‘So, clearly I’m going to be with Fez,’ because I remember ending the show with Wilmer’s character. And they’re like, ‘That’s too weird for audiences. So, now you and Ashton are together.’ And I was like, ‘But that’s even weirder!””Kunis spoke of their cameo appearance.

Kunis says that fans will still love the new format despite the change-up “So, Ashton and I play a married couple in the show and I won’t give away why because that’s a cute little part of the story.” Whatever the reason, we can’t wait to see Kutcher and Kunis reprise their beloved characters for the first time in over 16 years.

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