What Prince Andrew Will Lose – and What He Will Not


Prince Andrew’sSince a girl accused him of sexually assaulting them as teens, his legal woes were on full display. She filed a lawsuit against him in the United States. His mother. Queen ElizabethAndrew’s HRH (His royal highness) status was removed by his father, who recently approved it. He will also lose his military and royal titles. It is clear that Andrew will be able to make the case on his own without the support of any monarch. Though he’s lost quite a lot, there are a few things he won’t lose even if his upcoming court case doesn’t go his way. 

Prince Andrew’s Lawsuit Will See Its Day In Court

Prince Andrew, despite his efforts to get the case dismissed, will still have to deal with the lawsuit filed against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Judge denied his request. Giuffre accuses the prince of sexually assaulting Giuffre when she was a teenager, as part of the sex trading ring that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were leading. 

Sources anonymous who spoke with the New York Post, PageSix, Andrew is reportedly hoping that the lawsuit will be settled, which is why he’s been freeing up his assets, including settling debts and selling off his Swiss chalet for an estimated $23.7 million. According to palace sources, PostSettlement of the suit would be “least worst option” for Andrew. 

What Happens to the Royal Lodge?

Worse comes to worst, however, Andrew won’t be left homeless. In fact, he’ll be able to continue living in his 30-room home, the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park that he shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Though the home is believed to be worth $40 million (£30 million) on the open market, Andrew signed a 75-year lease in 2003 for a one-off fee of $1.4 million (£1 million) paid to the Crown Estate. That’s about $339 (£250) a week in rent.

The Crown Estate is a complicated organization that is, essentially, a multimillion-dollar property portfolio owned by the sovereign, currently Queen Elizabeth, though she’s not involved in management decisions. Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine explained, “Andrew certainly won’t be made homeless. The lease has been granted.”

Possible Thrown Out of Line Of Succession

His home isn’t the only thing Andrew won’t lose even if the lawsuit is decided against him. Although he has lost his HRH style, Andrew will still be ninth in the succession for the British Crown. Little responded that Andrew could be removed. “Given that he’s gone from second [after older brother Prince Charles] to ninth, this would serve no purpose.”He is basically irrelevant when there are so many people in front of him.

The former royal editor of Sun concurred, adding, “It’s unlikely to happen, ever, because Andrew would be able to argue you can’t just cut him out of the family as it were, like a will.”He said, however, there are still things that the disgraced princess has to lose. 

Possible Punishments

“The Queen has done virtually everything that she can do now, but there is one thing left — stripping him of the title of Duke of York and Prince. That would be the ultimate humiliation.” In fact, it’s entirely within the realm of possibility, Larcombe continued, that “the Queen could look at that and make him just ‘Andrew.’”

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