What Prince William and Kate Middleton Plan This Summer


Prince William And Kate MiddletonTheir three children are being raised lovingly by them, despite the harsh eyes of the world. What are your thoughts? Prince George, Princess Charlotte Prince Louie doing over summer vacation? Here’s what we know.

Prince William’s Summer Plans

It’s been a busy year for William and Middleton. Unfortunately, the couple received poorly on their trip to the Caribbean. The Platinum Jubilee was a great opportunity for them to include Louis. Now the celebrations are over, it’s time to relax and head into summer vacation. 

Summer vacation in the United Kingdom typically begins in July and ends around September. The Persisting Hello, George and Charlotte’s summer vacation starts on July 8, while Louis’s already began on July 6. 

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The first order of business must be the family’s plan to move into Adelaide Cottage. The cottage is just a short distance from Windsor Castle where Queen Elizabeth spends the majority of her time. Moving during the summer mitigates the impact on the children’s schooling. Middleton and William retain an apartment in Kensington Palace, so they won’t be far from their kids in Battersea come September.

The Many Castles Of Norfolk

It is possible to expect that the Cambridges will spend at least some time in Norfolk. William once spoke of their home there, “We spend as much time as we can here, it’s very peaceful.” Another possible vacation spot could be Balmoral, Elizabeth’s Scottish residence. She’s made a habit of exploring the 50,000-acre property for decades, so William’s spent many summers riding and cooking on that land.

We know that the children have already spent a lot of time. William predicted that in 2021, “George, Charlotte and Louis already know how dear Scotland is to both of us and they are starting to build their own happy memories here too.”It would be reasonable to expect that summer will bring you more happy memories.

A Few Sports on the Horizon

It’s no secret William is a huge sports fan. William and Middleton were there to support their children during their summer break. Middleton is an avid tennis patron and player, and 2022 is the first time she’s attended alongside her husband. The children probably aren’t ready to sit still and quiet for the hours necessary.

Soon, William’s favorite sport will have major events. UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 football championship begins on July 6 when England faces Austria and concludes on July 31 at Wembley Stadium. William attended the men’s final last year, so the family may already have July 31 circled on the calendar. Cameras stalk the royal family like few others, so we’re guaranteed to see the summer plans of the Cambridges in real-time.

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