What the Royal Family’s Diet Choices Have to Say About It


Although the British royal family may be surrounded by designer clothes and jewels, their diets are actually quite palatable. As we all know, the royal family is strict about what foods they eat. DoWhat people eat speaks volumes about their personality. From Kate MiddletonTo Prince Harry, we’ve got the scoop on what the royals’ favorite meals mean. 

Darren Stanton, a behavioral expert who was a former Derbyshire police officer and has earned a reputation as the “behavioral expert” in the U.K. “Human Lie Detector”After appearing on numerous local TV shows and talk shows, we spoke to Coffee Friend about our favorite royals’ diets. According to Stanton, who has a degree in psychology, there’s a lot that can be learned about the royal family’s personalities from their favorite meals. 

Queen Elizabeth

Cereal, toast, Earl Gray tea, with marmalade, kippers and fresh fish and veggies

Stanton claimed Queen Elizabeth’s love of kippers likely harkens back to her childhood. “Kippers for breakfast were a traditional choice during the war and she would have been introduced to them by her father no doubt.” Stanton also commented on the queen’s avoidance of garlic.

“It’s common etiquette not to have garlic or spice on your breath when interacting with other leaders or important figures and it shows the Queen has a consideration for others, as well as the willingness to uphold the highest standard.”

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles 

Prince Charles: Eggs, organic food 

Camilla Parker Bowles – Spicy, garlic-laden dishes, fresh homegrown veggies 

Stanton insists on Prince Charles “has a very simple palette, enjoying eggs for breakfast,”While his wife Camilla Parker Bowles enjoys, “spicier food and especially garlic – despite members of the Royal family usually choosing to avoid it.” While some might think these traits would clash, Stanton claimed this was proof of Charles and Parker Bowles’ compatibility.

“The differences in their food tastes could be reflective of their different personalities and how one complements the others,”He said that he added, “While Charles is more regimented in nature, Camilla isn’t afraid to take risks but that doesn’t stop the pair from having fun and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Such differences seem to be what makes their marriage work so well.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton: Homemade family recipes, porridge, curry, raw foods, matcha and plant-based lunches

Prince William: Loves to grill/barbecue. 

Kate Middleton’s favorite foods are an eclectic mix of old British standards, like curry and sticky toffee pudding, as well as new food trends, like the raw food diet or adding matcha to her coffee.

“Kate’s food tastes could suggest why she is arguably one of the most popular Royal family members, she is in touch with what the masses like, she can relate to them and them to her,” Stanton explained.  

Stanton claims that Prince William prefers barbecue to other foods, and that this is not surprising for a future monarch. He claimed that “running a family barbecue means you like to take charge and aren’t afraid to be the one who makes all the decisions – traits he will no doubt need and rely on when it comes to being king.”

Stanton said that this is another example of a royal couple who are highly compatible. “A barbecue is often no-frills, very homely and serves up hearty foods, what you see is what you get.”Stanton continued to add “This is psychologically quite consistent with Kate, so this could be why she and William are a couple totally matched and in pretty much every way.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Harry: We are no longer eating pizza and fast food. We eat healthier options like quinoa or kale, and we enjoy a traditional Sunday roast.

Meghan: A vegan/gluten free week with a variety of delicious meals, including oatmeal with banana and hot water and lemon, homemade pastas (parmesan cheese), roasted chicken, and baked potatoes.

Prince Harry’s tastes have changed drastically since his bachelor days. Before marrying Meghan Markle in 2018, it was believed that Harry preferred pizza and other fast food treats, but he’s more likely to be seen snacking on healthier alternatives now that he’s a married man and father of two.

“In recent years,”Stanton insisted. “it’s reported Harry has ditched junk food, including pizza, and is now embracing the Californian lifestyle by eating healthier foods, like plenty of fruit, and sipping on green smoothies.” 

Stanton went on to say that this change was seemingly brought on by Markle, but that’s not to say that the red-haired prince hasn’t also been an influence on his American wife. The Duchess is known to enjoy pasta and parmesan, but she also eats vegan and gluten free during the week.

On the weekend, however, she enjoys indulging in the foods she’d usually avoid, which Stanton says “demonstrates her ability to be flexible and have fun while still maintaining discipline.” 

While Harry’s diet definitely changed after he met Markle, he still took some traditions from his homeland with him when moving across the pond to California. Markle and Harry love Sunday roasts, so they reportedly cook roasted chicken together.

“A typically British dish, not only is this reflective of a home connection he still holds dear, suggesting he misses parts of his life back in the UK, but also signifies how Harry chases feelings of nostalgia too,” Stanton explains. They clearly have influenced one another, which speaks to their strong bond.

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