‘What the Whole Hell?


Will Smith is back on Social Media following his public apology for Chris Rock last Month. Oscar winner Smith laughed that he was “selling”After battling a large spider that he and Trey, his oldest son, found in his home over the weekend, Will rebuilt his house. Will, 53 years old, shows how a tarantula moves across the floor in the video. 

“What the whole hell? That is a big-ass spider!”The Bel-Air: The Fresh PrinceStar says it in the video. Trey is given the task of getting the spider out. Will, his 29-year old son, climbs on a chair and tells him jokingly. “C’mon, you’re young and strong. You can handle the bite.”Trey disagrees and stares at his dad with a telling look as he stands on his hips, his hands on his hips. Trey eventually traps the spider with a glass, as Will can be heard screaming behind him. The King RichardActor eventually steps in and tells the camera. “We’re taking turns, we’re a team,”Before the next shot, Will holds the spider inside the cup with the aid of a piece o paper.

 “So that’s the biggest spider we’ve ever seen in our lives,”Trey adds, “Will also adds.” “I don’t like it at all,”Jokes, “We’re selling the house.”Will continues his joke in the caption, writing that “he was.” “posting this from a Holiday Inn.”Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife, commented on the entire endeavor.Red Table TalkInstagram made note of the spider on its page “That’s HIS house now.”

The spider chronicle marks the first time that the actor has made an appearance on his social networking page in person since last month’s public apology to Rock. He previously joked about possible return to social media this Saturday. Will previously hit the comedian across the face during the March 94th Academy Awards. He was responding to Rock’s joke about Pinkett Smith having his head shaved, which is due her alopecia diagnosis.

In July Will shared an Instagram video where he revealed that he had reached Rock privately and was informed that Rock was back. “not ready to talk”However, it is planned to “reach out”Once he was available. Will’s Oscars moment had significant consequences for him. He resigned from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just before the board voted against his continued attendance at Academy events for the next 10 years.

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