What to do if you’re in a Grocery store and a shooting breaks out?


Shootings at supermarkets are unfortunately becoming a more frequent occurrence. There have been recent incidents in New York City, Colorado, and Tennessee. 

The routine of grocery shopping is causing jitters in America. 

Steve Kardian, Inside Edition security consultant, said that there are steps you can take if you face life-threatening circumstances. 

Kardian suggests that someone who is starting to shoot should crouch low and look for ways out, including back rooms and stairwells. 

“He’s not gonna check every door, he’s not gonna chase you down that stairwell. He’s gonna look for the masses of people, to kill as many people as possible,”Kardian stated.

Kardian suggests that you run in a zigzag fashion if you are in the path or gunman. 

“It’s much more difficult to hit a moving, flowing target than it is to hit a stationary one,”Kardian stated.

Kardian states that 911 can be called once you reach safety.

It’s even come to this — a young inventor has created a shopping bag that can quickly convert into body armor, thanks to its Kevlar material. It’s a grim reminder of the specter that haunts even a quick trip to the supermarket.