What Type of Job Does “My Big Fat Fabulous” Castmate Hunter Thore Have


TLC Reality Television Show My Big Fat Fabulous LifeThis series follows Whitney Thore’s life, a lady who is on a mission for body positivity. Whitney is joined by a host of her closest friends, Glenn Thore and Barbara Thore. Hunter is also featured in the series.

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Both Season 8 and 9 of My Big Fat Fabulous LifeFans noticed Hunter featured in almost every episode. His appearances were either at home with Glenn, Barbara, or when he helped his sister, such as when he took her to the doctor for a consultation about her weight loss surgery. Hunter was seen more by viewers because he returned home to Greensboro just before the COVID-19 epidemic began.

Whitney Thore and her family at TLC's Give A Little Awards 2019 in New York City.


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Whitney was a child when she lived in Charlotte an hour away and didn’t want to travel with the flu. In a recent episode, Whitney mentioned to her brother that she was now vaccinated and that it might be time for him return to New York to continue his life. They had a great conversation that made New Yorkers wonder what Hunter does for a living. Continue reading to learn more about Hunter’s job.

What is Hunter Thore’s job?

Hunter had the amazing opportunity to perform alongside Kathleen Turner twice-time Golden Globe winner. He was then able to get his acting bug in highschool. Hunter was accepted into an elite program in acting and made acting his career. When Hunter isn’t making appearances on his sister’s series, he is living out his dreams in New York City as an actor and musician.

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Hunter’s acting credits include roles on the television series Skeleton Crew? It’s FineAnd Skye of the Damned. He also appeared in the comedy short film Blind SightedIt was released in 2020. Hunter is a guitarist with Plague of Jackals and their music was featured in the soundtrack. Skye of Damned

Is Hunter Thore now married?

The 36-year old isn’t married and doesn’t have children. It appears that he’s currently single at the moment. OnMBFFLHunter is quick-witted, funny, and just like the rest, the family. We’re sure it won’t be long before he’s in a relationship.

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