What We Know About Katie Couric’s Family, More On Katie Couric’s Children.


Elinor was a Yale University graduate and returned to Yale in 2013. Katie, Katie’s oldest daughter, has been a successful name in the television industry over the years since she left school. Did she work as a writer’s assistant during Season 3 of Mr. Mr.? Emmy-winning Amazon series. He then went on to write for Amazon’s smash-hit. The Boys.

Elinor engaged Mark Dobrosky in 2019. She used the ring Jay had given Katie when she was getting married. Elinor paid tribute to her late father two years later when she walked down a Port Jervis aisle.

Katie explains it all. Instagram? “Ellie walked down the aisle to ‘Ashokan Farewell’ played by the composer, Jay Unger, and his family band. Jay Monahan loved that song, which was used in Ken Burn’s series on the Civil War, so it was a way to honor him.”

Jay had been a lawyer for criminal defense and a commentator on television. Jay was also a Civil War enthusiast.

Katie included the following in her post “Yes, I cried the whole time. Most of the people there did.”

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