What We Know About Matthew McConaughey’s Brother, Rooster


Celebrities often have relatives that are as fascinating and colourful as they are. Matthew McConaughey, actor, seems to have this trait. His older brother, “Rooster”Michael Patrick McConaughey was born in Ireland. He has lived all his life. “larger-than-life” Texas success story that’s worth knowing more about.

McConaughey has the ability to negotiate and make a lot of money. He’s had his share of ups and downs and has come back stronger than ever from all of them. Here’s how he did it.

He made his first million before he was 30, but lost it within a year

McConaughey’s business savvy seems to have paid off well for him. His success was also due to his integrity and trustworthiness. He has not been afraid to take risks in the hopes of a large payoff. Take all of that together and you get a businessman who is a strong leader and has always taken the tough decisions and come out on top.

According to AETV,His career started at an early age. McConaughey began working in Texas’ oil fields as a child with his father, starting at the age of 12. McConaughey must have seen the Texas oil fields as full of possibilities, and he never forgot them.

McConaughey opted to continue his education outside of college. McConaughey reportedly made his first fortune selling rusty oil pipe, but lost it all almost as quickly as he earned it.

“It didn’t last long,” He said Entertainment Tonight. “I mean, I rang the bell and I was kicked out of the park.”

McConaughey’s resilience and refusal to give up or stay on the sidelines was one of his distinguishing characteristics.

One person could have quit their job or changed careers. McConaughey, however, learned hard lessons from his mistakes and bounced back with plenty of money. He rebuilt his company and began over.

He’s the sole owner of DGM Supply, which specializes in buying and selling used pipes. In June 2016, Entertainment Tonight estimated McConaughey’s wealth at $55 million.

He forged a second lucrative career in reality television

McConaughey, Wayne, and his business partner “Butch”Gilliam found a way to capitalize on their success through reality TV. They were featured in a two-season documentary. West Texas Investors ClubCNBC (2015-2016).

The premise was a little like ABC’s long-running hit Shark Tank With aspiring entrepreneurs appearing on the show, they presented their innovations in the hope that McConaughey & Gilliam would invest money through West Texas Ltd.

McConaughey & Gilliam created a new reality show. Rooster & Butch, on A&E in 2018. The show was on A&E in 2018.

The only difference was that the men spent more time getting to know each other.

McConaughey & Gilliam wanted to “level the playing field” rather than rely on long-winded presentations, which didn’t seem to appeal to Gilliam much.

McConaughey said EW, “We don’t have presentations … because [Butch] hates them. I’m not that fond of them but if you don’t get to the point with Butch too quick, he’ll bail on you.”

They tried to give everyone a fair shake while diminishing the feeling of intimidation people often experience when they’re on national television. The show also reflected the men’s philosophy. It was more than just about making a quick buck.

“You can’t just get rich in money,” McConaughey according to Fox News. “You have to get rich in mind, body, and soul more than anything else. And do business with a conscience.”

He continued, “…[I}f you do business with a conscience and you fight fair and you’re an honest person, even if you fail the first time, you’re going to get a second chance.”

He’s Found Marriage Harder Than Making Money

McConaughey was married three times. His current wife Erica McConaughey is his third wife. Together, they have three children. Their names reflect McConaughey’s passion for his favorite beers. He is the father of Miller Lyte, a son, and Margarita Olympia, a daughter.

It is fascinating to read about how McConaughey’s children were named after popular beers. When his wife was pregnant with their son, McConaughey’s pals cautioned him that his life would be much different and he wouldn’t be able to drive around toting a box of Miller Light in his truck anymore.

According to Fox News McConaughey retorted, ‘“You know if things work out, I’ll be able to take Miller Lite to church.’ And I sure as hell did! And so, I got away with it.”

When the time came to name their daughter, McConaughey’s wife told him to keep out of it. She chose the first name Margarita for their little girl because it was her grandmother’s name.

McConaughey was unable to give her a good name so she asked him if he knew of any. He suggested Olympia, which was the name of another beer—and it stuck.

Mike “Rooster”McConaughey’s success story is classic American: making it big and then losing it all. Finally, he made it back. His attitude sets him apart from other successful businesspeople.

For McConaughey, it’s not all about what you do to get rich, it’s how you go about it. He wouldn’t compromise or abandon his scruples in favor of increasing his bottom line.

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