What We Know About Peter Phillips, The Queen’s Eldest Granson


Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren are no strangers to the public. Prince William and Prince Harry, two royals who are well-known around the world, are among the most prominent.

However, many are unaware that King Charles’ heir apparent is not the eldest of Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren. That honor is reserved for Princess Anne’s eldest son, Peter Phillips.

Here’s everything we know about the private member of the royal family.

Peter Phillips was born in 1977

While King Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s eldest child, he wasn’t the first of his siblings to start a family. On November 15, 1977, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips gave birth to Peter Mark Andrew Phillips.

The following is the BBCOn his birth, the young royal received a 41-gun salute from the Tower of London. He was fifth in the line for the throne at the time.

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He was technically born a commoner, even though he is a royal. According to BBC‘s coverage of Peter’s birth, Princess Anne and Mark Phillips refused the queen’s offer of a courtesy title for their son.

He was the first royal baby born without any title or courtesy title for over 500 years. This means that, despite being born as the queen’s only grandchild, he was referred to as “Master”Instead of “Prince”Or “His Royal Highness.”

Anne and Mark reaffirmed their decision when Peter’s younger sister, Zara Anne Elizabeth, was born on May 15, 1981. Like her brother, she was raised without any royal titles.

She is the second-eldest of the queen’s grandchildren. Zara, despite not having a title, went on to become a celebrity Equestrian after she competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Peter Phillips graduated from The University Of Exeter

Peter was attracted to sports since a young age. The royal graduated from Gordonstoun School, Moray, Scotland. He then took a gap year, and went to Australia.

Peter worked as a Sports Entertainment Limited employee while in Australia. Peter returned to England after a brief stint in Australia to continue his studies at the University of Exeter in sports science. per Hello!. He also played on the school’s rugby league team.

Peter graduated in 2000 and worked as a corporate manager at Jaguar Racing. After graduating in 2000, Peter went to work at Jaguar Racing as a corporate hospitality manager. He later joined Williams F1 and became a manager of sponsorship accounts.

According to Peter’s LinkedIn profileHe eventually quit racing to pursue a business-oriented career. He then took on various managerial roles, before becoming a Director of e-Mersion Media. He’s also served as the Chairman of City Racing since 2018.

Peter met Canadian Management Consultant Autumn Kelly during the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. They dated for four more years, before they announced their engagement in 2007. Reported at the time to the BBC. They married at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 17, 2008.

Peter Phillips Is Father To The Queen’s Eldest Great-Grandchild

It’s fitting that Peter, the eldest of Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren, is also father to her eldest great-grandchild. When Peter and Autumn had their first child, Savannah Anne Kathleen on December 29, 2010, Her Majesty became great-grandmother. They welcomed Isla Elizabeth Elizabeth on March 29, 2012, their second child.

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Peter, as we can see, is a dedicated dad who works hard. Per The IndependentAutumn and he announced their separation in 2020. Their divorce was finalized in 2021. Although they still co-parent their daughters together, little is known about the formal arrangement.

Peter Phillips is a private person for a royal, and that includes the big moments of his life. Because he does not have royal titles, he is able pursue his own interests and careers without being bound by the royal duties of his cousins.

Peter Participated In Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Despite his shying away, Peter seems to have maintained a close relationship, if not closer, with Queen Elizabeth as her first grandchild.

Peter made one of his most recent public appearances with his royal relatives when he joined his sister and six cousins during the 15-minute vigil around Queen Elizabeth’s coffin while it laid in state at Westminster Hall, per Wales Online.

According To the BBCHe also walked alongside the cortege during the state funeral procession in September last year.

His reputation as a low-key royal is unlikely to change in the coming years, although he will always remain a fixture in the royal family as the eldest of Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren.

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