What’s Messier Than One Retrograde? Easy, Eight


We are deep in retrograde season, folks. A whopping eight retrogrades are co-occurring—six of our traditional planets (Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus) and two recently discovered dwarf planets (Eris and Chiron). These retrogrades are scattered throughout the entire Zodiac wheel.

Retrogrades always bring about messy, chaotic energy. They turn everything upside down and inside out. While it doesn’t necessarily guarantee disaster, you’d be wise to remain vigilant and self-aware. Avoid major decision-making and conflict as best you can. Moreover, try to recenter and recalibrate with self-care as often as possible.

How will your sign fare this week?

Be wary of relationships you’re holding onto out of spite, Aries. The urge to feel vindicated through your company is a strong one. Still, it’s one you’d be wise to resist. True, honest connections never stem from malice or ill will.

The stars urge you to assess the company you keep. Take note of the things you discuss together and, most importantly, how they make you feel. If either of these things doesn’t align with your values, then it might be time to move on.

Just because you can keep your nose to the grindstone doesn’t mean you should. Your exceptional endurance is a poor indicator of when it’s time to call it quits. If left to your own devices, you’d work yourself into the ground. 

But there is more to life than checking off boxes on a to-do list. Moreover, you’re likely not as beholden to this routine as you think. Try to clearly express your needs. If it’s worth being a part of, it (or they) will understand.

Few things get muddied faster than a miscommunication you mull over in your head, Gemini. Indeed, your imagination—specifically your insecurities—can create conversations and circumstances that never happened. These assumptions leave you feeling hurt, unseen, and taken for granted. 

However, it isn’t your job to read other people’s minds. What if you simply asked for clarity? What if the thoughts in your head were wrong? Sure, that kind of direct confrontation can be uncomfortable. But isn’t the potential peace of mind worth it?

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Conflict can have merit if we choose to find it. That doesn’t mean you should burn every bridge you come across. But it does dismiss the idea that all tension signifies a failing relationship. You’re not usually a cantankerous person. So, what’s making you feel that way now?

Likely, you have a need that isn’t being met—or spoken out loud, for that matter. What has this disagreement revealed about your priorities? Ignore the superficial reason for the squabble and dive deeper.

Minor snags and setbacks that can easily be fixed are one thing. But when these mishaps threaten our very sense of identity, the solutions become far more complex. The universe has presented you with such an obstacle; unsurprisingly, you’re having difficulty handling it.

In this retrograde-heavy time of chaos and misunderstanding, it’s essential to keep things as simple as possible. Reaffirm your beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Just because this has shaken your foundation doesn’t mean it’s irreparably damaged.

The colors with which we paint our perception of the world are not always the most accurate. As you navigate through life, try to remain conscious of the difference between what you feel is happening and what is actually happening. 

If this means taking an extra day or two before responding to a tense e-mail or making a big financial decision, then so be it. A little extra time won’t be enough to topple your progress if it’s actually meant to be. But a hasty decision just might be.

Your progress with a close companion has started to feel like you are taking two steps forward and three steps back. Despite your best efforts, the conversation (and tension) always seems to return to one divisive topic. 

But in your usual peacekeeping fashion, you brush it aside for another time. However, you can’t hit a snooze button on emotional dissonance—it will keep ringing until you face it head-on. It might be scary at first, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Sometimes the greatest insights reveal themselves in times of strife, Scorpio. Whether it’s a tricky dilemma at work or a tough argument with a loved one, these struggles are trying to show you something. It’s your responsibility to listen. 

This will be a lengthy process, but you must resist the urge to fall into exasperation. Keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities—even ones that might not have aligned with your initial beliefs or identity. You’re headed toward genuine growth; don’t give up now.

It’s important to differentiate between something actually challenging your beliefs and you simply misunderstanding. Similarly, a minor technical error doesn’t mean the whole plan is doomed to fail. Try to avoid hyperbolic mindsets this week. 

The universe is rife with retrogrades this week. Consequently, you will feel challenged in ways you haven’t been before. Hold firm to the fact that you are highly capable and charismatic. You can work your way out of this dilemma, Sag.

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You take great pride in your ability to juggle everything all at once. So, it can be difficult for you to admit that an obligation (or two) has to be set aside for another time or someone else. Your ego takes a direct hit, affecting your self-worth and motivation. 

While this certainly won’t happen overnight, the stars urge you to separate your productivity and self-worth. Trying to do everything will only make it to where you can’t do anything. Wouldn’t you rather sacrifice a part rather than the whole?

We don’t often prioritize platonic relationships the way we do romantic ones. As a result, we brush aside conflict and tension because friendships should be easy. However, this is a fallacy at best—platonic relationships require maintenance, too. Sometimes, they need even more.

Of course, this type of vulnerability can seem a little awkward without preexisting emotional intimacy. But these non-romantic connections provide valuable benefits to your life. You should treat them accordingly by giving them the respect they deserve.

Change is a natural part of life. As we experience and learn more, our mindsets, values, and beliefs tend to evolve. This doesn’t mean that past versions of yourself are somehow lesser than. Nor should the temporary discomfort of a closing chapter keep you from the prosperity of the next. 

Still, as natural and positive as these changes can be, they can also be emotionally volatile. Give yourself some extra grace during this transition period. Your hypersensitivity is normal—not a sign that you’re going down the wrong path.

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