When does Spring start? Exact date clocks change and days get longer


With Spring just around the corner, many start to ask — when will it get light again? Here are the exact Spring dates for 2022, including when the clocks go back and the dates for Easter

Winter is dragging on and on for many brits, and the sight of sunlight is a far-off memory for most.

Thankfully, the winter solstice has been and gone and the days have already started getting that little bit lighter.

It’s at this time of year, when the sun starts setting later, that we begin to look forward to brighter, warmer days.

In just one month’s time — the sun will set at the later time of 6pm.

With easter just around the corner, and summer not too far beyond — here’s the full low down on when we can anticipate longer days, and the official start of Spring!

When does Spring 2022 start?

Spring 2022 starts on the March 20, 2022 in the UK. It finishes on June 21, 2022, when summer begins.

The seasons are determined by the earth’s position in relation to the Sun. The Met Office elaborate: ‘This is due to the 23.5 degrees of tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis concerning its orbit around the Sun.’

When is Easter 2022?

Spring not only brings sun and growth, it also brings Easter — with bunnies, lambs and yummy chocolate eggs.

Easter dates change every year, but this year Easter Sunday will fall on April 17 2022.

Lent starts on February 17 2022 and finishes on April 1 2022.

When do the clocks change?

The clocks go forward on Sunday, 27 March 2022.

They will go forward by one hour at 1 am, which marks the start of British Summer Time (BTS).

During this period (sometimes known as Daylight Saving Time), there is more sunlight in the evenings and less in the mornings.

When will the days get longer?

The days start getting longer and lighter from late December when the winter solstice falls — it has been getting lighter since December 21 2021.

The days get longer moving forward from this date, however it’s worth noting that this is a very gradual process.

Every month, we get an average of one hour of extra sunlight, leading up until June.

Sunlight hours will peak on June 21 2022. On this day, the sun will rise at 4.52am and set at 9.26pm.