When will Elizabeth Holmes go to Jail and for how long?


Theranos founder is disgraced Elizabeth HolmesShe will get a few more months in freedom before her next sentencing. After Holmes’ recent convictions for four fraud-related offenses, a judge will sentence Holmes September 26. 

Holmes’ High-Profile Case

Holmes will be free to remain on a $500,00 bond until her sentence is handed down. While this may not seem like much, considering Holmes is accused in defrauding investors out $144 million, former Santa Clara County prosecutor Steven Clark claims there was no need to have a higher bail. 

“There’s really no place for her to go that she wouldn’t be found,” Clark stated, referring to Holmes’ high-profile status. Theranos founder James Holmes would find it difficult to flee any place without being recognized. 

Holmes, in addition to her case being widely publicized, is the subject of a Hulu miniseries. The Dropout. Amanda Seyfried stars as Holmes. The series focuses on Holmes’ dramatic rise and fall from Silicon Valley. This won’t be the only Hollywood project focused on Holmes. 

Jennifer Lawrence will star in the movie “Theranos founder” titled “Bad Blood.” The film will be directed by Adam McKay, whom Lawrence worked with on 2021’s Oscar-nominated film Don’t Look Up

What length of time could she spend behind bars?

Holmes was convicted of defrauding her investors and misleading them into believing that she was inventing a new blood-testing technique. On four counts of fraud-related activities, Holmes was acquitted. The entrepreneur could be sentenced to up to 80 year imprisonment. Each of her counts carries a maximum term 20 years. 

It is rare for a federal prosecutor to allow so much time between conviction and sentencing. Amanda Kramer told NPR that it might have something to do with Holmes’ former partner and Theranos president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. 

Balwani’s trial begins this month, and Kramer suggested that “some facts established in Balwani’s trial might prove to be relevant in Holmes’ sentencing.”They met when Holmes was 18 years old and Balwani 37 years old in 2002. 

Holmes and Balwani met two years later. Together, they developed Theranos. The pair split in 2016 just two years after they began their lengthy legal battles about Theranos. Holmes is getting one more summer as a free woman, but with the notoriety surrounding her case, it’s likely that she will spend a significant amount of time behind bars.

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