Where are you? ‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro’s Sister Lisa Today?


Cake Boss is one of TLC’s most popular reality shows, spawning dozens of other programs about baking. Cake Boss It is centered around the family bakery Buddy ValastroHe ran the business with his sisters. One of his sister. LisaShe quickly became a fan favorite; where is she now?

Lisa’s Love Life

She frequently posts on Instagram, whether it’s throwback shots of her parents, or photos of her three kids, Teresa, John, and Isabella. What are you missing in those posts? Lisa’s former husband, Remigio “Remy” Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez was often seen on the reality TV show, but he left it in 2010 after he was arrested for alleged sexual abuse. He was sentenced to nine-years in prison by the state for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl. “I want to apologize to the victim,” Gonzalez spoke to the courtAt the time. “I truly am sorry for all the pain and all the embarrassment I caused.”

Lisa and Gonzalez divorced around the same time, but it’s unknown whether that happened because of the sexual assault accusation or for some other reason. On July 4, 2021 she married Anthony Torre. They have been together since 2014. 

Why Sister Mary Was Expelled From The Family Business

Lisa, along with sisters Maddelena & Grace, runs the bakery’s front counter. After being fired from their family business, Mary Sciarrone has become a professional cake consultant. Valastro had to let her go due to multiple complaints. Sciarrone was said to be known for being rude and causing drama to customers and co-workers. 

Valastro had to have a hard conversation with his sister which eventually led to Valastro being fired from the bakery. He even said that he wouldn’t be able to work with Sciarrone in the future. Valastro and the people at the bakery weren’t the only ones who noticed her behavior. After watching Mary for many years, many viewers agreed with him. 

The siblings are close and have no animosity. They’re still family, after all, and they frequently reunite for family get-togethers and holiday celebrations. The two were both in attendance at their nephew’s wedding, and Sciarrone posted a birthday tribute to her brother last year. 

Lisa’s Life Today

Lisa has seen a lot of family conflict, but she seems to be happier than ever. From continuing her work at Carlo’s Bakery alongside her siblings to attending her son’s football games and snapping pics of her daughter’s Halloween costume, Lisa’s life is still all about her family. 

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