Where did all the Snow Crabs go?


Crabs disappeared mysteriously from the Bering sea, Alaska. This is where Discovery was filmed. “Deadliest Catch”It is being filmed. 

The number of crabs has dropped from 8 billion to 1 billion in 2018, prompting cancellation of the fishing season.

Many theories exist about what could have happened to the crabs. Some suggest that they died from diseases, ate one another, or moved north to warmer Russian waters because of climate change. 

“This likely cause is because of the heat and the increased temperatures in the ocean,” said Dr. Robert Foy, science and research director of NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

The price of crab legs has increased across America due to the loss of crabs. In Manhattan, Benjamin Steakhouse charges $119 per two king crab legs. That’s a 100% increase in price, chef Ozzie Brdevaj said.

You should grab these delicious delights now, as they could soon become very rare and expensive.

Despite the shortage of crab, producers still produce the “Deadliest Catch”They expect their 19th season to begin in the spring. They’ll be focused on catching other kinds of sea life.

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