Where is the Sackler Family? They’re at the Center of ‘Dopesick’


History has taught us that not all tragedies can be prevented. One example is the opioid crisis in the United States, which was declared an emergency.

Due to misleading advertising regarding the new products, millions became addicted to opioids thanks to the Sackler family of companies and Purdue Pharma “miracle drug,”OxyContin is real. Now, a new Hulu series, Dopesick, takes you inside the crisis and the family that created it.

The Sackler family is more than just a rich family who started a tragic crisis — they’re an entity. They are a shadow of America’s greed. They are now in the majority, despite being unpopular around the world. “the Sackler family”It is a household name. So who’s even in the Sackler family and where are they now?

The Sackler family is one of America’s largest and richest families.

Even after a myriad of lawsuits, the Sackler family still holds the title as one of America’s wealthiest families. It is made up of more than 40 members, including descendants from the original Sackler brothers. Their wealth and heirs span many generations.

Arthur, the oldest brother, died in 1987, before OxyContin had even been invented. He did however lead the evolution of pharmaceutical marketing, as well the marketing for Librium and Valium.

As a doctor, he was keen to abandon the intrusive treatment methods of the 1940s. That is why he was a firm supporter for prescription medicine. His practices are responsible for a lot the current opioid epidemic.

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Sackler Family in 'Dopesick'
Source: Hulu

Still from Hulu’s Drama Miniseries “Dopesick”

Arthur’s two younger brothers, Mortimer and Raymond, took over Purdue after Arthur’s death. They led the creation and evolution OxyContin. Many of their descendants were still involved in the Purdue Pharma board, up until 2019, when a settlement required them to give up their positions.

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However, despite taking a step back, the Sackler family has amassed so much wealth over the past century that they are still one of the world’s wealthiest families. Their net worth is currently around $10 billion, which is enough for any family, regardless of size.

It was reported in 2021 that their pharmaceutical holdings would be sold and their equity in Purdue forfeited in exchange for a $4.5 Billion settlement. The Sackler FamilyThe lifetime immunity would apply to civil liability.

Kleinberg Kaplan, a law firm, has appealed, despite the judge’s advice against appeal. So it seems that the Sacklers’ fate is still to be determined.

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The descendants of the Sackler families are mostly living their lives.

As far as Arthur’s descendants go, they seem to have distanced themselves from the rest of the Sackler family, claiming that they had no part in the current opioid crisis.

Arthur’s daughter, Elizabeth Sackler, is the benefactor of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum. Although many institutions have rejected the Sackler family’s donations and changed their nomenclature, the Brooklyn Museum center is still intact.

The Sackler Gallery

Source: Getty Images

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As far as Mortimer’s family goes, he had seven children, three of whom were involved in Purdue Pharma. Many of his kids have supported their own charitable ventures in the hopes of righting the wrongs of Sackler’s family. Mortimer’s son Michael is a filmmaker, and his daughters Sophie and Samantha married into even more wealth.

Madeleine Sackler's 'The Lottery'
Source: Getty Images

Madeleine Sackler’s ‘The Lottery’

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Raymond Sackler was the father of two sons, and had a grandson who was involved in Purdue. David, his great-grandson, is now married. Joss Sackler, and together, they’re very involved in the fashion industry.

Raymond’s son JonathanA major advocate for conservative education reform and charter school (many education advocates consider charter schools problematic), he died in 2004. Jonathan’s daughter, MadeleineDocumentaries about school lotteries were made by, a filmmaker.

But one member of the family has been forgotten: Robert “Bobby”Sackler. One of Mortimer’s sons, Bobby had a life-threatening pattern of addiction, and died by suicide at the age of 24. However, his wealthy family has mostly ignored him.

The Sackler family may be wealthy, but wealth apparently isn’t everything.

Stream DopesickHulu allows you to find out more about the Sackler Family and their involvement with the opioid crisis.

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