Where was it? ‘Highway to Heaven’Filmed and Who Stars In the Lifetime Reboot


Lifetime TV movies will be around for the long-term, whether you love them or not. They’re cheesy, yes. But they’re also romantic down to every level, even the production.

This latest reboot reintroduces us back to an old story, and the place where it takes place. Highway to HeavenThe beauty of the film is enhanced by the fact that it was shot.

Original NBC Highway to HeavenThe television series was shot in many locations including Arizona and California. But, where was the Lifetime reboot? Highway to HeavenFilmed? California is not the right place.

Where was it ‘Highway to Heaven’What was the film?

The new reboot of Highway to HeavenThe NBC predecessor is slightly different in a few aspects, including the location of the production. While there’s not a whole lot of details available about the behind-the-scenes happenings of the movie, we have heard a few things, including the filming location.

In true Lifetime fashion, the location of the story – and the backdrop of the actual location – are typically intertwined into the story. These movies almost make the location feel like a character.

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The history and energy, whether it’s a small, quaint town or a large busy city, really sets the stage for the emotions behind the story. And Highway to HeavenThis is not an exception.

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It is a very personal story, so it helps to have Nashville, Tennessee as the backdrop. The film’s production took place entirely in Nashville because it allowed for several locations that are both historic with that modern-day suburban living, which is perfect for the family-centered story.

Highway to Heaven Jill Scott

Source: Lifetime

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What is Lifetime’s ‘Highway to Heaven’ movie about?

The film is about Cody (Ben Daon), a high-school boy who lost his mother recently and struggles to cope with the loss.

The stars aligned in the right way for the family after Cody’s junior high school principal Bruce Banks (Barry Watson) hires a temporary school counselor named Angela (Jill Scott).

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Angela coming into their lives was exactly what the family needed at the time because Angela wasn’t just a counselor. She’s an angel – like an actual angel – who was sent to help this family through their loss.

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“Whether they’re facing it and holding it in, or just trying to struggle their way through, this is when Angela comes through,”Jill spoke highly of Jill’s character in the New reboot.

Cody (Ben Daon) in Highway to Heaven

Source: Lifetime

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“Whether they’re facing it and holding it in, or just trying to struggle their way through, this is when Angela comes through,”She continued. “They’re people who really, really need help. I don’t think that she knows who she’s coming to help. I think she’s just being led.”

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