Where’s the Cast Of ‘The Last Starfighter’ Today?


The Last StarfighterIt is a historical film. Together with TronIt was also one of the first movies to heavily use CGI. CGI is the foundation of almost every blockbuster, but The Last Starfighter didn’t hit nearly as big as any Marvel movie. It still has a loyal following. Let’s look back on The Last StarfighterSee the complete cast.

Lance Guest

Lance Guest, who was the star of this film, continues his work in television and film. He continued to be a star of the film. Jaws RevengeThis is the horrendous sequel of the blockbuster that featured Micahel Caine. Guest’s most notable work came not on film but on stage. In 1965, he starred as Johnny Cash on Broadway. The Million Dollar Quartet. Here’s a clip of him performing “Folsom Prison Blues”On The Late Show.

Robert Preston

Robert Preston was the pride of Newton Massachusetts. He was at the twilight stage of his career. The Last StarfighterIt was published. He was the original Professor Harold Hill, long before that. The Music ManFor which he was honored with a Tony Award. He later won that honor again for 1966’s Yes! I do!He became one of only nine men who won Best Actor in Musicals twice. After a long battle with lung cancer, he died in 1987.

Dan O’Herlihy

Another star from a different age, Dan O’Herlihy played Grig. His career was notable and long. He played Macduff alongside Orson Welles. Macbeth. He was nominated for Best Actor for 1954’s Robinson CrusoeMarlon Brando loses to you The Waterfront. O’Herlihy never struggled for work. After The Last StarfighterIn The Old Man, he was the actor. RoboCop1 and 2. Andrew Packard played in season two. Twin Peaks. He was 85 years old when he died in 2005.

Catherine Mary Stewart

Veteran of cult classics, such as Night of the CometCatherine Mary Stewart was born alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Heather Langenkamp. She was a tireless worker in the 1980s and appeared in 14 films in ten years. To be with her family, she began to take fewer roles in the middle of the nineties. Today, she makes a TV film every few years.

Norman Snow

Norman Snow played Xur The Last Starfighter. Snow, a Julliard graduate who was classically trained, is a well-respected character actor who has appeared on many television shows since the 1980s. His multi-season run was on Days of Our LivesStarred in an unforgettable episode Wharf-centric of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He’s only made one film since 2002 so it looks like he’s retired.

Kay E. Kuter

Kay E. Kuter was Enduran, another respected actor. He made his uncredited debut in a stone-cold classic: Billy Wilder’s Sabrina1953. He’s probably best known for his time on Petticoat JunctionIts spinoff, Green AcresAs Newt Kiley. Kuter became a sought-after voice actor later in his life. He’s all over point-and-click classics like The Curse of Monkey Island Grim Fandango. Kuter, who was 78 years old, died just months after his mother’s death at 103.

Vernon Washington

The Last Starfighter sure loved its veteran character actors, didn’t it? Vernon Washington was already in a number of films. Roots The JeffersonsBefore he played Otis in the sci fi film. He starred in the sci-fi film The Next Year. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. In 1988, Washington died.

Geoffrey Blake

One way to be successful in Hollywood is by becoming a muse for other successful producers. Geoffrey Blake is a successful producer who has worked with Ron Howard, Robert Zemeckis, and Geoffrey Blake. You’ve seen him act opposite Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, Cast Away Apollo 13.

Blake was recently part of the cast of Roland Emmerich’s MidwayAnd did a few episodes from the critically-acclaimed Epix series Godfather of Harlem. Blake’s career is as long as it is impressive.

Wil Wheaton

Yup. Wil Wheaton played an important role in The Last Starfighter. He’s only in some wide shots for his role got cut from the movie. Wheaton was a child star, writer, and king among the nerds. He appeared in Stand by me Star Trek: The Next Generation

Wheaton co-created the YouTube board game series TableTop which was many people’s first exposure to loads of board games. Wheaton still acts occasionally, but he is primarily a voice actor as well as a content producer.

The Promised Video Game

The credits at the end of the film Last StarfighterAtari promises a videogame. The game would have featured game scenes and galactic wars from the movie. Atari was developing a version for arcades with the Atari 2600, and the Atari 5200. However, nothing was ever released.

The games were released and developed without any branding. If you really have a hankering for what Atari’s The Last StarfighterWhat would it have been like? Check out Star Raiders II Solaris.

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