Which Couples Are Still Together From “Ready to Love” Season 4?


OWN’s Are you ready to love? The reality dating contest made its TV debut in late 2018, and has been helping young Black professionals find love since.

Many flames ended after the finale but there are still a few strong couples. Season 4The event kicked off Oct. 15th and introduced us all to the new singles who hope to make a lasting connection.

Last season, the couple was based in Houston Texas. Before that, it was in Atlanta. But in Season 4, Tommy is taking the show back to Chocolate City and we’re dying to know which Are you ready to love?After the Season 4 finale, couples remain together.

Is there any other? ‘Ready to Love’The Season 4 Couples are Still Together?

There are no hints as to who will stay together following the season finale, but we’re hoping at least one couple will survive Season 4. Although the couples were introduced in Episode 2, not all of them made a good first impression.

So far, we’ve met Corey — a fitness entrepreneur who ruffled some feathers after it was discovered that he had asked several women on a date on the first night — and Lamont, who was eliminated on the first day after spitting some spoken word that was not well-received by the ladies.

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There were some gentleman, on the other hand, who we’re definitely rooting for. The ladies were introduced Walt, who took care of his mother until her passing, along with Cornelious, a 42 year-old man-of-God who is abstaining until he finds the right woman.

Sabrina and Walt Ready to love season 4

Source: OWN

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A clip from Season 4 suggests that Walt and Sabrina may have hit it off, but only time will tell if they’ll stay together in the end. After all, there were quite a few.Are you ready to love?We were fooled by the couples of the past.

We knew Joel was there. VerneashiaWould make it to the altar but the Season 3 Are you ready to love?Reunion show was a different story.

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