White House Taps TikTok Influencers to Share Accurate Ukraine Information with Younger Generations


A “Saturday Night Live”Skit mocked the Biden administration’s outreach to TikTok influencers. But it was no joke — the White House really did have a Zoom briefing for influencers on the situation in Ukraine.

Inside Edition interviewed four TikTok celebrities who were present at the event. They have nearly 12 million combined followers. Their content is mostly news and serious.

“The White House — they have communicated to us that they have seen us, that they respect the work we’re doing, but they want to make sure we’re able to get out accurate information to people when we’re talking about the Ukraine crisis,” Kahlil Greene said.

Aaron Parnas states that getting the message out to younger TikTok users is key. “critical.”

“Most of the younger generation — they don’t watch regular news outlets like CNN and MSNBC. Oftentimes, when you wake up in the morning, the younger generation looks on their phone and goes on TikTok,” Parnas said.