Whitney Cummings and Kesha Make Accidental Contact with a Demon while Ghost Hunting


Kesha revealed she almost left friend Whitney Cummings with a demon while searching for the paranormal. The 35-year-old singer shared a bizarre story on the June 28 episode. Late Night with Seth Meyers Discover how Cummings (39) channeled a demon in a Discovery+ episode Conjuring Kesha and didn’t realize what she’d done.

Kesha, 48, explained to Seth Meyers that a demonologist had accompanied them to a haunted prison deep in the Tennessee mountains. “[Cummings is] upstairs having this beautiful moment, crying — she believes that she’s connected and is having a full conversation with a trans ghost, which may be true.”

Cummings wasn’t talking to a transgender ghost according to the expert. “Downstairs, the demonologist is screaming, ‘Get her out of there! It’s a demon! It’s a trick!'”Kesha retold.

“I’m sitting there being like, ‘Um, I’m not going up there in case it is a demon.’ But Whitney’s crying and having a beautiful experience, and I’m the host,”Continue the “TiK ToK”Pop star.

Meyers pointed out, “And as of two minutes ago, [you were] a friend.”It’s fascinating, even if it’s not.” Kesha remarked.

The musician also discussed what inspired her latest paranormal project, spun off from her podcast, Kesha and the Creepies.”The paranormal has always fascinated me.” she told Meyers. “My entire life has been strange. Then, during COVID, I was experiencing existential crises after existential crises and lots of anxiety. One night, I was lying in bed and thought, “Uh oh! Here we go.””

“Then, I heard a voice. I saw a vision. My cats had my headphones. It’s all one thing.” Kesha explained. “I understood the meaning of love. I saw the whole of the universe. I pulled back. It was a microcosm. The picture was taken by me.”

Afterward, she recalls calling her therapist and describing what had happened to her. “She was like “Guess What?” Congratulations…. This is a spiritual awakening.” said Kesha. “”This is the point?” I thought. This is what I have been working towards. What? This is scary. It was terrifying. So I began to really embrace it.”

Following the conversation with her therapist, Kesha started writing music about the experience and then contacted her film producer brother, Lagan Sebert, about a possible TV show idea.”My brain was fried, and I was like “OK.” We’re leaning into it,” Kesha said. “This is the basis of a TV series. We are going to go in search for ghosts. Let’s look for some aliens, and f— it. Let’s get Bigfoot.'”

 Conjuring Kesha follows the star as she attempts to solve mysteries across the country, with celebrities such as Betty Who, Whitney Cummings, Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher, GaTa, Karen Elson, Big Freedia, and more. In a press statement, Kesha called the show “the ultimate quest to go deeper into my existential questions.” 

She shared the reasoning behind her interest in the paranormal, saying, “It is an everlasting search for God’s proof. It’s the adventures I have with my friends, however, that make these pilgrimages possible and a reality. I wanted to capture the unexplainable. What else could be possible if we could capture these amazing moments on camera? These are the first two episodes of Conjuring Kesha Discovery+ will launch on July 8.

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