Who is Controversial OnlyFans Model Ava Louise


Who is the most controversial influencer? Ava Louise? She’s claimed to be connected to athletes Antonio Brown Devin BookerShe was behind the false rumors spread by the rapper Kanye WestHad a relationship with YouTuber and make-up mogul Jeffree Star. This influencer gained attention in 2020 because of a disgusting act he committed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Who has Ava Louise made allegations about?

Ava Louise has made many allegations regarding famous men in recent months, including Kanye West and Antonio Brown. Some believe the 23-year old model and music producer is simply an ad. “clout chaser,”To elevate her status, she uses the names of people much more famous than herself. There’s some evidence that backs up those claims as Louise has previously completely made up stories seemingly just to gain attention. 

Spreading false rumors

One example was the rumor that Kanye West was in a relationship with Jeffree Star, which turned out not to be true. Louise also lied in an Instagram Story, in which she claimed that West was also involved in a sexual relationship to Virgil. This is also a lie she has since deleted. 

The blonde bombshell who enjoys showing off, is more recent. Before and after images of her plastic surgeryAccording to her Instagram followers she claimed that she had an erotic encounter afterward with ex-Buccaneers player Antonio Brown He sneaked her into his hotel bedroomBefore his famous on-field freakout during a Jets game. She also insisted that he’d asked her to film a portion of their lovemaking. Louise made the claim following the unexpected, viral moment because she said she thought the liaison could have been a reason for Brown’s outburst. 

Louise’s Claims Denied By Antonio Brown

Brown later seemingly denied her claims, though he didn’t mention the OnlyFans model by name. Brown was interviewed by FashionNova about his views on the matter. “craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?”Brown responded, “Yeah, I heard something like some OnlyFans girl said, like, she got down with me,” adding, “I’m just saying, like, that was crazy.”

That’s not the only athlete Louise has made claims about. Devin Booker, currently dating Keep up with the KardashiansStar Kendall Jenner, allegedly reached Louise via her Instagram DMs, to request her number. TwoMoi reported the gossip about the model.. She went on to claim that their interactions never went any further than that, but after all her false rumors, it’s hard to believe her.

What other sources do you know her from? It’s Kinda Gross

In case Ava Louise’s name is ringing a bell, but none of the above stories seem familiar, she’s also the TikToker who made waves near the beginning of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic after going viral for licking a toilet seat on an airplane. She was later a celebrity. Explained to Miami HeraldIt was a private jet that she was using to travel. “sugar daddy”So it was totally sanitary. But millions of people will probably disagree.  

It’s obvious that Louise is a young woman who seeks the limelight no matter if she has to lie or humiliate herself in order to do so. Thanks to that unabashed thirst for fame, as well as her tricky history with telling the truth, we’ll take a rain check on believing her latest claims.

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