Who Is Doug in The Liberty Mutual Limu Emu Commercials


Liberty Mutual, an insurance company launched a new campaign in 2019 to promote its brand. The ads featured LiMu Emu (a dog) and Doug (a cat). “fictional dynamic duo who are passionate about saving people from overpaying for one-size-fits-all insurance,”According to a press release by the company. So who is Doug the actor?

Where You’ve Seen David Hoffman Before

The ads are based upon 70s buddy cop shows and include retro cars and props as well as a 70s look and mustache for Doug. While the costume might conceal his identity, TV viewers who are observant will still recognize him from his lengthy list of credits. 

David Hoffman is an actor who has been featured in many TV commercials. He studied classical acting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts as well as Boston University. 

After graduating college, Hoffman went to Los Angeles to study with The Groundlings, a famed comedy group. Hoffman was invited to join the Sunday Company and the Main Company in 2006. Hoffman began appearing in commercials around the same time. He was hired by V8, Bud Light, Doritos and Slim Jims. 

Hoffman was also a guest star on TV shows such as 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, BonesAnd Castle. He was cast in the UK sitcom “Lead” in 2014. Models and I Live Together. He also appeared in the blockbuster film Bridesmaids

He Created The Character’s Signature Look

His role as Doug in the Liberty Mutual ads might be his most popular to date, making him a well-known face in the ad world — but maybe not in real life. Talk to the New York PostHoffman spoke out about his newfound fame. “Never once have I been recognized out on the street as Doug. He looks like a character I’ve never played before.”

Hoffman is actually the one who came up with Doug’s distinctive look. The insurance company gave a brief description about the ad campaigns. “I disappeared and came back and had the realistic mustache and a Members Only jacket and said, ‘This is the guy,’”Hoffman spoke. “There was no physical description of [Doug]. The role didn’t call for a mustache; I just decided he should have a mustache.”

Hoffman Dishes On His Emu Co-Star

Hoffman answered a question about Hoffman’s animal star, revealing that there are three emus featured in the ads. “One who specializes in standing still, one who runs .. .we kind of change them out. We used them more on the very first shoot, but 90 percent of the time I’m by myself looking at a piece of tape [subbing for Limu]. They bring the emus out afterward and do an amazing job in post-production with CGI.”

“They’re large and when they stick their necks up all the way they’re taller than me — like a dinosaur with talons,” Hoffman continued. “They’re kind of intimidating, but at least, with me, they’re pretty gentle. At the first shoot one of them jumped up on a desk in a standing leap and got in my face, but I have no issues with wild animals. I’ve worked with children who are more difficult.”

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