Who is Guest Starring on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 11?


Yes, Larry is back! He’s ready to play the ridiculously exaggerated and over-the-top fictionalized version of him once again. It’s also another season full of brilliant writing, amazing improvisational comedy and laugh-out loud moments as Larry’s actions lead to his downfall in every episode.

Additionally, there will be another year full of guest stars who play fictionalized versions or themselves. Let’s find out who will be appearing in Season 11.

Who will star in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 11?

Season 11 Preview Curb Your Enthusiasm13 guest stars were announced. Several of these actors will be making their debuts. CurbSome are making their debuts while others return as their fictionalized selves, or characters we’ve already seen.

Richard Lewis, who has been confirmed to appear in Season 11, announced the names of all the actors that will be featured in the comedy’s new season. Twitter.

Image Richard Lewis posted on his Twitter of all the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 11 Guest Stars

Source: Twitter/@TheRichardLewis

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Jon Hamm stars in Season 10 Episode 8. “Elizabeth, Margaret and Larry”As himself. Jon shadows Larry during the episode for research purposes. He’s playing a role in which he is portraying. “a-Larry-type-character.”In Season 11 Episode 1, he returns “The Five-Foot Fence,”Which could potentially continue the hilarious story.

Vince Vaughn returns to Season 10 as Freddy Funkhouser. His character is related with Marty Funkhouser who was played by Bob Einstein.

Ted Danson is another returning actor. Ted Danson is another beloved actor who has appeared as a fictionalized version in Curb Your Enthusiasm Since the first season. His real-life wife Mary Steenburgen is often his guest star. It is unknown if she will return to the show.

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Jon Hamm and Larry David in 11x01 "The Five-Foot Fence"


Richard Lewis is the last, but not least, recurring guest star. Richard Lewis, who is the most frequently appearing guest star on the show, has previously appeared in CurbSince the series pilot “The Pants Tent.”Richard was still recovering from multiple surgeries but he managed to film an episode.

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Nine actors will be making their debut in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Four stars will be returning to the show while nine newcomers are making their debut. CheersIn the next season, Woody Harrelson will star.

Bill Hader is the first to make an appearance. It is unknown if he is actually playing a character or a fictionalized version. Maybe Stefon. We don’t know! He is sharing his experiences on set with Larry and making him laugh.

Julie Bowen, Rob Morrow and comedian Tracey Ullman are just a few of the newcomers.

Catch the Season 11 premiere Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday, October 24, at 10:40 PM EST on HBO Max and HBO.

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