Who Is Heather McMahan? (EXCLUSIVE)


On Nov. 5, Heather appears in a new Netflix holiday movie, Love Hard. So for those who know her best from Instagram and TikTok, she’s going to appear on an even bigger screen very soon.

While Heather couldn’t get up on stage during the pandemic, like many comedians, she found a good home on Instagram for her jokes. “Instagram is really where I thrive,” she explained.

“Social media has been cool for me because if I had something funny or a joke I wanted to share, I could do it immediately and put it up,” she said. “It was a cool way to control your career and your narrative, and as a creative person, it’s nice when I have a thought I want to put out there, I put it on Instagram and see what works.”

But Heather shared that it wasn’t always easy — she may not have been able to work on some other projects during COVID-19, but many of her fans know that she and her husband moved in with her 73-year-old mother.

By putting her life on display, she was able to give us some giggles. And before rising to fame? Heather worked “every hospitality job you can imagine,” from nannying and bartending to working at gyms.

So if there’s anything we can learn from Heather, it’s to keep smiling through it all, and as she says, “live our best life.”

Follow Heather on Instagram at @heatherkmcmahan and tune into Love Hard on Netflix on Nov. 5.

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