Who is Logan Wheeler, the character in ‘Chucky? Since he was a teenager, he has been acting.


Devon’s portrayal in one episode of Lucas Wheeler (Zackary Anderson), as a homophobic alcoholic mechanic and widower and father to Jake Wheeler is a short-lived. Chucky is quick to kill Jake’s father and leave the teenager protagonist without any parents. It is intended that Lucas’s electrocution death looks like a drunken freak incident, which leads to gossip within the small-town NJ community.

Logan Wheeler, Jake’s uncle is on the opposite side of the spectrum. He’s more stable and successful than Jake. He lives in a beautiful McMansion with his wife Bree (Lexa Doig) and his teenage son Junior (Teobriones). It seems like he is more connected than Lucas was.

Junior and Jake, his cousin, are identical in age but don’t get along. The middle school boys on the opposite sides do not know it but they care about each other.

Although Logan might not abuse Junior per se, his father-son relationship with him isn’t healthy. Logan is not the Father of Year because of his toxic masculinity, his pressure on his son, and his desire to see him excel in cross-country. Logan even manages Junior’s nutrition and weight in order to improve his cross country record. Junior and Jake can still relate in some ways, with that in mind.