Who is Olivia Holzmacher? Joe Burrow’s longtime girlfriend


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe BurrowsHeisman Trophy winner in 2019, he is an extremely successful player on the field. We all know a lot about his football career, but what about his love life? 

Who is Olivia Holzmacher, the Actor?

While they were both at Ohio State University, Burrows met Olivia Holzmacher, his girlfriend. Burrows earned a degree from Ohio State University in consumer and family finance services while Holzmacher received a degree data analytics. 

She’s been cheering him on from the sidelines since 2017, following him from Ohio State to LSU after Burrows transferred in 2018. “When you fangirl your own boyfriend,”She captioned a 2019 photograph of them in the field. 

She was also present when he accepted The Heisman trophy in December 2019. “I’m so proud of you! The best weekend ever!”She captioned a photo showing the couple dressed for the ceremony. “I’m so thankful to have played for two of the best programs in the country,” Burrow stated that at the time. “I wouldn’t have traded my journey for anything.”

She’s Been By His Side Through It All

Holzmacher continued to support him throughout his transition from college football into the NFL. In 2020, he was invited by the Bengals to the NFL Draft. He was chosen first overall. Holzmacher captured the moment in an Instagram photo with a sweet caption. 

“Tonight a new chapter starts for you!”She wrote. “Thankful to be by your side joe and to be a part of the past three seasons. I’ve had the best experiences and met the best people along the way. So excited for what the future holds. Tonight will be once in a lifetime night for you.”

What is Holzmacher’s Job?

What does Holzmacher do when Burrows is playing football? According to her LinkedIn PageShe currently works as a senior process analyst and analyst at Kroger, the grocery chain. 

She also travels a lot; usually, to Burrows’ games. She posts pictures on her Instagram account (which she doesn’t post often) of Bengals merchandise-clad women attending Bengals games. Holzmacher cheers as Holzmacher takes photos of her from the stands. 

Many wonder if Holzmacher and Burrows might get married. Neither one has said anything publicly — they’re only 25, after all — but the couple appear to be completely in love. 

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