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News anchors aren’t always all that forward about their personal lives, but in recent years, Rachel Maddow has spoken more and more about her long-time partner Susan Mikula. Now that Rachel has revealed that she recently underwent surgery to treat skin cancer, she’s also speaking more about the role that Susan played in helping her get through her diagnosis and treatment.

Susan is the reason that Rachel was treated for cancer.

In her return to her MSNBC show, Rachel said that she was doing well after recovering from surgery to treat skin cancer. She further explained that it was Susan who noticed that a mole on her neck had changed appearance over the past few months. Rachel then saw a dermatologist, who conducted a biopsy to confirm that the mole was cancer.

“I had a few days off because I had surgery at NYU Langone on Friday. They’re fantastic. They got it. They got all of it.” Rachel explained. “I’m good. I have clear margins, the whole thing.” Rachel also said that moving forward, she would be extra vigilant to make sure that she didn’t miss any signs of cancer.

“I know I need to have everything checked, like, every five minutes from here on out because I do not want to get this again,” she said. “Susan was right. She always is! I am going to be fine. I’m going to be fine.” Rachel also had a message for her viewers, urging them to check their bodies regularly.

“It’s only by the grace of Susan that I found mine in enough time that it was treatable because I have been blowing off my appointments forever to get stuff like that checked because I’ve assumed it will always be fine,” Rachel said. “You do need to get this stuff checked at the doctor. Do not blow it off.”

“Even the skin cancers that are the deadliest skin cancers in this country those too are way more treatable than they used to be,” she continued. “On one condition: that you get them early.” Rachel has been open about her health recently and has also shared details about Susan’s battle with COVID-19.

Through her show, she’s established a personal rapport with her viewers. She offers them details about her life not just to create a closer relationship with them, but to offer them advice that’s based on her own experience. Rachel hopes everyone has a Susan in their life to look out for them.

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