Who Is Sydney Park Dating?


During a 2020 interview with Vogue, Sydney Park spoke highly of her sweet parents, Kelly and John Park. “Growing up, I was incredibly outspoken. My parents raised me to be very free with expressing myself,” she said. “I always changed my hairstyle and when girls were growing out their hair long, I cut mine pixie-cut short!”

Considering her beauty is quite striking, dare we say ethnically ambiguous, Sydney proudly spoke about representing her mixed cultures onscreen. Sydney’s mother is African American, and her father is Korean American. “I think it’s been incredible to be able to represent two different cultures that are so rich in their history and very different from each other,” she said.

“I love being able to unite so many people. There are so many mixed babies out there who don’t see themselves represented on TV or in the media or film.” She continued, “Being able to have that light and have this platform has made me very choosy and very picky about roles, what I do, what I say, what I put out on social media. I think I carry this responsibility of being one of the voices of this generation, but also being a biracial girl and just kind of carrying the torch for everyone and paving the way.”

She doesn’t take her biracial identity lightly, and we applaud her for her passion and desire to represent her community.

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