Who is the Allstate Commercial Guy? The Places You’ve Seen Him Before


Dennis Haysbert might be one of the most well-known people on TV, but few know the actor’s name. Haysbert, who has been a part of Allstate’s commercials for nearly 20 years, is the most well-known face. But what do we really know about the actor?

Dennis Haysbert’s Acting Career Before Allstate

Haysbert started acting after he graduated from high school. He studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In the late 70s, Haysbert started appearing onscreen with minor roles in shows such as The A-Team, DallasAnd Magnum P. 

He also appeared on the big screen, landing roles in films like Major League, Navy SEALsAnd Mr. Baseball. But, his greatest role was yet to come. Haysbert first appeared in Allstate commercials back in 2003. He continues to do so today. 

Allstate Has Made Haysbert A Millionaire

Haysbert is well-known for his calm demeanor and deep voice. “That’s Allstate’s stand. Are you in good hands?” He has appeared in dozens of the insurance company’s commercials, becoming known all over the world as “the Allstate guy.”

Allstate commercials aren’t the only ones featuring Haysbert’s face and distinctive voice. The actor was featured in a nationwide ad campaign that raised awareness about loan discrimination in 2008. He also did some voiceover work in 2006 to promote ticket sales for Brigham Young University’s football team; his younger brother was a wide receiver on the team in the ’80s.

His recent acting work

Even though he has made millions working for Allstate—the actor’s net worth is a whopping $14 million—Haysbert continues to show up in popular movies and TV shows. The actor’s recent appearances include roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lucifer, Kung Fu Panda 2And The Dark Tower. Some of his latest acting projects include the Hulu movie There is no exit, Chip ‘n’Rescue Rangers for DaleThe upcoming romantic comedy Silent Retreat

Haysbert is the most well-known face of Allstate commercials. But he has some competition. Dean Winters plays Mayhem in another ad campaign for Allstate. Winters has been appearing on commercials in these spots since 2010, and they are very popular. 

Haysbert is a well-known face in today’s commercials, but few people know that Haysbert has a long and successful acting career, as well as ensuring that Allstate customers are in good hands.

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