Who is the original ‘The Originals?’ on ‘Legacies? Let’s get to it


Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), will shake up the scene LegaciesUniverse in the April 14 episode TVLineWe are absolutely thrilled. The series finale The OriginalsThese two characters were kind of tied up. Marcel was there with Rebekah who still hopes to find the cure for vampirism but cannot until Damon (Ian Somerhalder), dies.

Kol, a Vampire, and Davina Campbell (Danielle Campbell), an Witch, are happily married, and through magic, have a child. Under the drama surrounding Elijah and Klaus’s deaths, Marcel and Kol seemed to have lost touch. They are now returning with Freya, Rebekah and Marcel for a wonderful reunion that we believe has something to do Hope’s humanity.

Candice King is still not confirmed to play Caroline Forbes. According to the show, Lizzie has been traveling the world looking for ways to stop the magical merger of The Saltzman Twins. However, now that Lizzie’s technically dead, it seems like this would not be an issue. Caroline was always supportive, loving, and kind. Is Caroline now an absentee mother?