Who is Youth Pastor Rob on “Young Sheldon”? You’ve seen him before


Television — both primetime and streaming-based — is jam-packed with spinoff after spinoff. The collection includes The Big Bang Theory prequel spinoff, Young Sheldon. Chuck Lorre’s sitcom with Steven Molaro, which is blessedly devoid of any laugh track, follows Sheldon Cooper, a 9-year old genius (Iain Armitage), as he attends highschool in 1989 with his older brother. For those who aren’t familiar with TBBT know Sheldon Cooper — exquisitely played by Jim Parsons — as the matter-of-fact theoretical physicist completely lacking people skills.

InYoung SheldonMary Cooper, a Texas Baptist mom who was strict in her stance on Sheldon’s religious beliefs (Zoe Perry), caught him and his friends playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. The game’s legendary theme involves magic and devils. “monsters who don’t wear pants,”Mary was shocked. Sheldon was immediately sent to Sunday School by Mary. Satan, not today.

Season 5 will see Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby), bring in a youth pastor to help him connect better with the kids. Moviegoers and TV addicts have likely seen him before.

Dan Byrd has never been seen anywhere before.

Participating in nostalgic, beloved films such as 2004’s A Cinderella Story 2010 and 2010. It’s easy to do Dan Byrd is a veteran of rom-coms (the latter being better than the former). Dan Byrd was Hilary Duff, Emma Stone’s sidekick, in the above movies.

Dan’s acting career began in the mid 2000s. He also played 17-year old Bobby Carter in Alexandre Aja’s.The Hills Have EyesRemake in 2006 received mixed reviews. This was his second horror movie, just after he landed the lead role in 2005’s zombie film. MortuaryIt is a terrifying place. Rotten TomatoesAudience score of 18%

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Dan Byrd

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Dan’s most prominent role was probably that of Travis Cobb in ABC-turned TBS. Cougar TownThe series, which starred Courteney cox and began in 2009. Travis is the quick-witted child of divorced parents Jules Courtenay (Brian Van Holt) and Bobby Cobb. Travis was a loner, as sons do, when his mother was raped by men. We can only say that Monica Geller’s looks have not changed.

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He spoke to him in the early part of 2011. PopSugar about the movie blunders forever stamped on his résumé. Fresh off of It’s easy to doHe was then asked if he would pursue more films. “Yeah, if something cool came up, then I definitely would. I’ve been in a few movies that I really wish I hadn’t been in, so to avoid doing that again. It’s hard because it’s sort of an age where there’s not a lot of stuff out there. Not a lot of material, and the material there is skewed toward raunchy comedy,”Dan was 25 years old at the time.

We’ll just have to wait to see what Youth Pastor Rob, who was first introduced in Season 5, episode 2, has in store. He is very generous with us “Hot Priest”In Fleabag. You can only know what you don’t already know.

Season 5 Episodes of Young Sheldon On CBS, air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET

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