Who Narrates ‘Call the Midwife’? Vanessa Redgrave portrays Jennifer Worth


Vanessa praised Contact the MidwifeIn an interview with RadioTimesThis May “What’s good about theatre, radio and television, is that once in a blue moon something wonderful comes along like Call the Midwife,”She spoke. “Something that makes everybody think and feel and be more human and genuine. Something that hasn’t got false.”

She also pointed out how the show was a snapshot in history, including the once-common practice to prescribe thalidomide, which is a drug that causes birth defects, to pregnant women.

“And homelessness and evictions, the terrible way poor people were treated, which I can’t help pointing out and remarking to you is much worse today,”She continued. “People living in sheer poverty in this [the UK] — women, especially — have the toughest time. … [I’d like to] make sure there’s decent social support for the huge numbers who live in dire circumstances. Especially women, single mothers with children.”