Who plays Levi in “La Brea”? You May Have Seen The Actor Before


The inaugural season of La Brea NBC – Sept. 28, 2021 – The first broadcast of the program.Instantly, gaining popularity among viewers searching for a LostThe sci-fi drama depicts the trials of a group who are seemingly trapped in an alternate timeline (circa 10000 BC)..

Who is Levi in “La Brea”?

Levi (aka “Uncle Levi”) made his first appearance in Season 1, Episode 3 of La Brea.

Levi is the ghost of good times gone by, and he appears as a side character who can shed light on an almost closed chapter in Harris’s family’s past. After a failed attempt at flying past the La Brea neighborhood in Los Angeles, Levi makes his entrance. Cue: impromptu time-traveling.

As viewers learn, Levi (aka “Uncle Levi”) is a Harris family friend of sorts — someone who has been there for them through good and bad. Unfortunately, he had an affair with Eve which may or not have contributed to Gavin’s current troubles.

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Eve may feel guilty because of Eve’s fling, possibly because it led to the accident that claimed Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) her leg. According to TVLine, she was spending time with Levi at the time of the tragedy — which might further fuel her tendency to accuse herself of betraying her own daughter.

Levi attempts to fix the plane in a Season 1 episode. Soon, tensions in the group begin to rise. Eve, unfortunately, struggles to play her cards wisely — and an ill-advised decision leaves her at risk of getting ostracized.

Actor Nicholas Gonzalez plays Levi’s character.

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Nicholas had previously appeared in shows such as ‘The Good Doctor’ before joining the cast for ‘La Brea’.

Nicholas was born in San Antonio, Texas, on January 3, 1976. He attended the prestigious Central Catholic High School, before pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Stanford University. He also spent two terms at Oxford University.

Nicholas got his first part in 1998’s episode of Dharma & Greg. This gig opened the door to bigger opportunities. He was already appearing on recurring roles one year later. Undressed.

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Many viewers will recognize Nicholas from shows such as The O.C.He was a D.J. MentalHe portrayed Dr. Arthur Suarez in the movie, He was a star in many telenovelas and other genres over the years. Jane the Virgin. much-hyped sci-fi series like The FlashLegal thriller TV series such as How to get away with murder. Nicholas was Dr. Neil Melendez’s character in the original film. The Good Doctor.

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Nicholas, a father and a husband, shares Ever Lee Wilde, a 4-year old daughter with his wife. The Good Doctor Kelsey Crane, co-star. Kelsey and Nicholas are currently pregnant with their second child. Nicholas frequently takes to InstagramHe would like to share his daily life and encourage new work projects. La Brea.

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