Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Fans baffled when Vic Reeves’ true name is revealed


Who Wouldn’t Love To Be A Millionaire! Fans were distracted when they found out Vic Reeves was actually a comedian during his time on ITV’s game show.

Vic, whose real identity is Jim Moir had some fans scratching themselves as they seemed confused about who was in the hot seat of Jeremey Campbellson’s quizzing.

Bewildered viewers took to Twitter to share their opinions on the player.

One fan wrote: “I was today years old when I realised Vic Reeves is a stage name. His real name is Jim Moir!”

Another one: “I was wondering who Jim Moir was when reading the programme description. Turns out it’s Vic Reeves.”

An additional third: “Wtf? That’s not Jim Moir, that’s Vic Reeves.”

“Jim Moir I thought his name was Vic Reeves LOL,”A fourth one was made.

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