Whoopi Goldberg is the Only Regular Co-Host on ‘The View’


Everything has become more difficult because of COVID restrictions, even daytime TV production. The ViewA three-person panel was recently reduced to one. Whoopi GoldbergAs the only regular host. The rest of the hosts have disappeared.

Goldberg: ‘It’s Been Insane And Crazy’

“So none of the people that they introduced are here today,”Goldberg mentioned at the beginning that he was referring “to” The View’s opening credits. Then she introduced Ana Navarro, Eboni K. Williams, as guest hosts. 

“You can’t believe the day we’ve had,”Goldberg responded. “It’s been insane and crazy and yes, there are only three of us today.”Navarro chimed-in, joking. “Poor Eboni came in to say hello to me this morning and I was like, ‘Look, don’t get close!’”

There was no explanation beyond that as to why Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines weren’t there. However, many believed COVID played some part in their absence. 

Where are The Other Hosts?

Alyssa Farrah Griffin, another guest host, announced on Twitter that she had tested positive for COVID-19, which explains why she wasn’t on the show this week. Behar’s absence was also COVID-related. After being in close contact last week with someone suffering from COVID, Behar announced on the show that she would be taking some time off. 

Hostin was missing, as were Haines and Haines. The Viewlikewise, but not due to illness. Haines has been gone because she’s taping the game showThe Chase. Hostin’s reason is more simple: she just had the day off. 

‘The View’s COVID Protocols

Like all TV programs, The ViewDue to the pandemic, has faced many complications. After testing positive for COVID in their blood, Goldberg and Navarro as well as Hostin missed episodes. The fact that the hosts of The ViewSometimes, you need to exercise caution. 

The hosts go through regular testing and are removed from the show if they have false positives, been exposed to COVID-infected persons, or if their family or friends become ill. Even though fans of the show love to watch the regular co-hosts interact and debate, it’s nice to know the cast and crew of The View We are doing everything possible to ensure everyone is healthy.  

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