Why are Critics all so Hateful? ‘Pretty Smart’Netflix


There are many factors to consider when creating a great sitcom. Great writing is essential, as well as a talented cast that can exploit a situation to its full comedy potential.

Sometimes, joke writing doesn’t require pinpoint accuracy. Take a look at Curb Your EnthusiasmLarry David. Larry David.

There are also shows that critics hate, such as Pretty SmartBut why is this the case?

Why is it that all critics hate ‘Pretty Smart?

The Chicago Sun-TimesParticularly critical of the show was: “Welcome to Pretty Smart! And the use of exclamation point is apropos here because this sweet-natured but deeply unfunny show has episodes with titles such as, ‘Guess What?! Claire’s Sister Is Coming!,’ ‘Yikes! Grant Asked Chelsea for a Favor!,’ and ‘OMG! Jayden’s Mom Is Back!’ It’s almost as if the showrunners are aiming for a satire of a sitcom — but there’s nothing about the plot points, the dialogue, or the acting styles to indicate that.”

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Why Critics Hate 'Pretty Smart'

Source: Netflix

The show seems like a parody of a sitcom with extremely tired character tropes — the moronic hunk, the lame smart girl, the ditzy and happy pretty girl, an over-the-top social media star, and the hippie.

Remember how we talked about creating a compelling script and great jokes? You can do it! Pretty SmartIt doesn’t have that.

Here’s a joke taken from the pilot.

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Grant, the resident personal training hunk, is working out in the living room. Claire, the space cadet character, has the following conversation with him:

Claire: “I can’t believe Chelsea is moving to L.A.! It’s so exciting!”

Grant: “And because you’re excited, I’m excited. And that’s really exciting.”

You can now hear the laughter track.

Is there a joke?

Source: Twitter / @deadinthewaterr

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And this seems to be the main problem with ‘Pretty Smart’ — it’s a byproduct of the worst consequence of social media.

You can find a lot of Influencers on any social media platform. They are shouting into the camera and showing off how flawless their lives are.

Even their “imperfections”they are discussed in a manner that distances them form any type of reproach. “oh I’m just saying this about myself, but I don’t really think that”Feeling.

In Pretty SmartAll performances can basically be reduced to the same “look at me!”Social media is awash with disease. There are many people who don’t want to offer a specific comment or take on a particular situation. Whatever their dialog is, they are really saying the truth. “Look at me! Look at me! Look at how great I am!”

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Like Curb Your EnthusiasmNorm Macdonald or a great interview, you get the sense that the person is only trying to make a situation more humorous. It’s funny to be funny. Somebody isn’t. “trying”To be funny, but they really are trying to say something funny by commenting honestly on a situation.

Source: Twitter / @cultclassikk

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You can judge from the reviews Pretty SmartIt is not clear that the cast or crew will be pursuing this goal in their first season. This could all be explained by “growing pains”Some shows take a while to reach their peak. Have a look at New GirlThe show, for example, got better over time. Although the first season was not bad, all the actors became more comfortable with their characters as the series progressed. It is reallyHave fun.

There are many other things that seem to grind viewers’ gears — the fact that the characters live in a house that’s well outside of their means (Los Angeles ain’t cheap, it’s the Friendsconundrum over and over) and that everyone “punches down”Click on one of the characters to see their mean ways.

It’s mostly because it doesn’t seem funny. Some people have tweeted that they want another season. There may be Season 2.