Why Bella Poarch Is Happy Grimes “Accidentally Punched”She is set


The origin of Grimes‘ video vixen career may have gotten off to a rocky start.

Bella Poarch shared that the “Oblivion”The singer was a total rockstar while filming “Dolls”Music video earlier this year. It led to the even more painful “best thing”According to TikToker, the following is information about the shoot.

“She was in character the whole time and she accidentally punched me,” Bella exclusively told E! Bella’s Funko Pop is now available. “But honestly, that was like the best part of shooting that music video.”

Bella added, “When could you ever tell anybody like, ‘Oh yeah, I got punched by Grimes.’ Who can say that? Me.”

A lesson in sucker punching is not the only thing Grimes has taught the 25-year-old singer. Bella revealed that Bella was also a fan of the “Genesis”Artist shared his powerful advice for managing anxious feelings.

“Because I’m a very anxious person, and so even right now I’m very anxious, she taught me to just express myself no matter what,” Bella shared. “Me expressing myself through music has helped me the most and being friends with her just helped me open up a lot about things that I’m going through.”

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