Why Brie Larson Says Making Marvel Movies Is “Redemptive”


No pain, no gain—that’s Brie Larson‘s belief when it comes to being a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Captain Marvel actress got real about how grueling it can be to film the superhero flicks during an exclusive interview with E! News at Disney’s D23 Expo, but she said it’s conventions like those that make all of the hard work worth it. 

“It’s really encouraging because you’re just doing something in secret alone for so long,” Larson explained. “It’s nice to have these reminders that these are really important stories that mean something to people and can change the course of someone’s life.”

The work itself is equally “redemptive,” Larson added, “because you push yourself to a limit and it forces you to go places that you might not, outside of your comfort zone.” 

And when The Room actress says “push yourself to a limit,” she means it. “Just doing an acting job is long hours—people kind of don’t understand a 12-hour day is like the shortest possible day we’ll have,” Larson told E! News. “It’s long days and can be emotionally a lot, and then on top of it you’re adding this physical aspect where you’re up in wires 50 feet in the air, doing fight sequences.”

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