Why BTS’ J-Hope Is Under Fire Right Now


BTS’s J-Hope has received intense backlash from disappointed fans after liking a Korean hip-hop singer’s apology for allegedly discriminating against two fans of color. On Oct. 10, KST, the controversy began when two roommates attending the 2022 SOMEDAY PLEMORA festival claimed that hip-hop singer-songwriter Crush passed them over while giving high-fives due to their darker skin. Videos from the R&B singer’s festival performance have also gone viral on social media as they show him giving out high fives and skipping two darker-skinned people in the audience. In response to the controversy, the singer took to social media to apologize and explain his side of the story. It came as a surprise to many that J-Hope liked the post

Recently, the two Korean stars collaborated on the song “Rush Hour.” While some criticized J-Hope, others defended him, saying it may only have been an accident or error. The K-pop idol has not spoken out about the post but has reportedly un-liked it. As Crush explained in his statement, he avoided the two fans’ hands not because of their skin color but for safety reasons. According to him, he had to stop high-fiving fans in certain sections as a precaution. “Fans were getting too close to the fences holding up the audience section, and I saw that those in the front row were getting pushed against the fence,” he wrote. “So, I made a quick judgment not to approach for the safety of my fans.” As an apology, Crush professed his love for each of his fans and revealed that he would never discriminate or favor anyone.

However, some fans do not agree with the R&B star’s explanation, finding it illogical. Meanwhile, he continues to receive backlash from international fans, causing further criticism. The fans’ video makes his statement seem false, as nothing seems to involve pushing or health protocols, and there are no gloves or protective gear visible. However, according to Korean fans, he made the same gesture at least a few times, yet other people have noted that he was near Black fans and was not touching anyone at those moments. In the meantime, Crush’s fans are showing their support in the online community, The Qoo. According to some, the K-pop artist never committed racism and refused to touch two Korean fans, not the black audience members. Other fans claimed that international fans were falsely attacking Korean celebrities and labeling them racist.

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