Why Carole Baskin Is Watching Tiger King 2 Amid Lawsuit


All you cool kittens and cats, Carole BaskinI am ready to tell you the truth about my animal advocacy work.

Discovery+ presents a docuseries in two parts titled Carole Baskin’s Cage Fight, which premieres Saturday, Nov. 13, viewers will go behind the scenes of the Big Cat Rescue founder’s quest to take down animal exploiters. Baskin said that unlike Netflix, the streaming platform behind the headline-making is not like Netflix. Tiger KingDiscovery+, series “was willing to cover what we really do.”

“I had thought for years, if people could see the kind of life we live going after these animal abusers,”She went on: “and how dangerous it is and all of the perils that we’re put in by trying to save these animals, that people would really get behind saving big cats.”

Baskin’s views on Tiger King (a.k.a. What was the show that made her famous? It is safe to say that she doesn’t like the show.

The Florida-based conservationist is currently suing the streamer and Royal Goode Productions, the production company behind Tiger Kingto stop her from appearing on any footage or interviews in the next sequel. According to the lawsuit, she and her husband were both involved in the lawsuit. HowardThey were lead to believe that Tiger KingIt would be a single-and-done documentary.

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