Why didn’t David Archuleta sing on the ‘American Idol Reunion Episode’?


American Idol fans were confused after former contestant David Archuleta popped up on Great IdolReunion Monday. He refused to sing! If they had followed his Instagram account, they would have known what happened. Archuleta, who announced a health issue on social media, February 7, posted that he had postponed his show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood (Calif.) to address the illness. His voice will be quiet. “I’m so sorry that I have to do this literally an hour and a half before my show tonight at the Troubadour, but by doctor’s orders, I have to postpone my show,”He told his fans in an Insta video.

The singer cancelled seven more shows on the following day to inform fans about his diagnosis. He also began a 10-day voice rest. Instagram. “So, I hemorrhaged a vocal cord and have to let it heal so it doesn’t cause any further damage. I also have vocal nodules,”He wrote.

The Division of Voice and Laryngology at Osborne Head and Neck InstituteVocal hemorhage, also known as blood leaking into the vocal fold due to an injury to the blood vessel and bruising the vocal cords, is a condition called. Treatment involves complete vocal rest and voice therapy. “This means that sadly, I will have to postpone the next shows until I know I’ve recovered to a healthy point to do performances,”Archuleta remained in the same post. “I’m sorry I am keeping you all waiting even longer. I hope you can understand that I have to rest to avoid causing further injury.”

The tour was canceled by the 31-year old singer on February 16. “After much consideration and discussion with my team and the venues, I have decided to cancel the OK, All Right Tour,”He posted it to Instagram. “I am still healing from my vocal issue, and it’s going to require a lot more time than I originally anticipated. I want to be sure to heal so I can come back without having done anything that could do permanent damage.”

Archuleta shared with his fans an update on his voice recovery. He stated that he had been through surgery. Archuleta posted an Instagram update stating that Dr. Shawn Nasseri was able to help the singer, who suffered from vocal paralysis, when he was just 12 or 13. Archuleta participated in American Idol Season 7. The doctor was also the main doctor.

“The surgery went really well, so [I] just have to continue resting and healing,”He wrote. “I feel great so far as far as all-around health. Will have to take things easy for a while, is all. A few weeks at least. I will have a follow-up in a couple weeks. I haven’t spoken since February 7, and I will continue vocal rest, taking it a week at a time. Thanks, everyone, for your concerns and well wishes during this recovery time!”

David’s March 31 health update states that he will continue to rest vocally for two to three more weeks, before beginning voice rehab if all goes well. “Interesting thing is, despite having to adjust to finding other ways to communicate, I’ve liked the break from using my voice,”He wrote. “It has felt needed. And finding purpose and meaning in my day-to-day life without having to sing or speak has actually been quite rejuvenating.”

He couldn’t perform this week, unfortunately. Great Idol Reunion because he has been recovering from vocal surgery for the past two months. Archuleta was able to still appear on the American Idol 20th anniversary special: Reuniting with his four former teenage fans, whose video of him crying over the loss went viral in 2008 “Thanks for creating such a fun and memorable moment for me and everyone else,”He spoke to them via his smartphone’s voice-assistance app. “Sorry I didn’t win!”

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