Why didn’t Stella Kidd replace Matt Casey as Lieutenant


Spoiler Alert: If you aren’t up to date, this article may contain spoilers Chicago FireSeason 10.

NBC Chicago FireFans saw Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), exit the series following 10 seasons. The 200th episode aired Oct. 20. Matt tells his friends that he’s moving to Oregon to care for his best friend Andy Darden (Corey Sorenson). Truck 81 is now without a leader because of his departure.

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After Jesse’s departure Chicago FireThe Showrunner of the series teased fans about the new lieutenant. Derek Haas shared the following: TVLine. “We’re doing a major storyline [about] who’s going to be next to be the commanding officer of Truck 81. Obviously, there are some shifting chairs within the firehouse.”A new face joined the cast of The Associated Press recently. Chicago Fire.

Firehouse 51 meeting their new interim Lieutenant on 'Chicago Fire'.

Source: NBC

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Episode 7 will present the temporary replacement to Matt’s Firehouse 51 position. As the interim lieutenant, Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton), has been chosen. Jason will be facing some backlash once he joins the tight-knit group. The lieutenant was assumed to be Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). Fans were left wondering what actually happened. Continue reading to learn why Stella Kidd did not replace Matt Casey’s position as Lieutenant.

Why didn’t Stella Kidd succeed Matt Casey as Truck 81 Lieutenant?

Season 9, Episode 4: Stella was ready for the next step in her career and took the lieutenant exam. She passed the exam after all her hard work. Fans will be happy to hear that Stella passed the exam and was qualified to fill the vacant position at her firehouse. Stella didn’t get the job because her former colleague was away.

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Stella, as fans know, has spent the last few episodes in Boston, expanding her Girls on Fire Program throughout the United States. Her fans hope that she will return to fight for the position. According to TVLineStella could replace Matt. “is going to be a hot topic of conversation through this next batch of episodes — whether they’re going to hold a spot for her while she’s off doing her good work for Girls on Fire.”

Chief and Wallace Boden and Lieutenant Jason Pelham.

Source: NBC

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Is Lieutenant Jason Pelham available to stay on the ‘Chicago Fire’?

Jason Pelham is a recurring character, so audiences won’t see the end of Brett’s role in this week’s episode, or most likely any time soon. However, since he’s only the interim lieutenant, it would appear that he’s only temporarily filling in for Casey. Per FansidedThe synopsis for Episode 7 includes this: “Gallo clashes with the new lieutenant temporarily filling in for Casey.”

There’s no surprise there since fans have seen how the tight-knit group of first responders functions much like a family in previous seasons of Chicago Fire. So having an outsider coming in to take over Matt’s place, whether briefly or not, totally isn’t going to set well with others, especially Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende). Stella Kidd would love to see her family members move up in the ranks.

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