Why George Clooney Keeps a Photo of His Biggest Box Office Bomb


George ClooneyHas had his fair share. Michael Clayton, Ocean’s Eleven From Dusk to DawnHis filmography is impressive, and he has also been in one infamous flop. He keeps a photo of the film as a reminder of his mistakes. Here’s what he does.

It’s not for the money

Clooney is very wealthy. Clooney and his investors made $1 billion when he sold his tequila company. He’s rich enough to fly from estate to estate strictly working on his passions, but things weren’t always this way.

Long before he was awarded a salary in the mid-1990s, he had not yet earned one. “b”Clooney was a rising star in terms of his net worth. Fresh off ERHe was a star and heartthrob. He decided to make an action film for an unimaginable price in 1997. He starred in the film with Alicia Silverstone, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Batman & Robin.

The Film is Famous

On nearly any ranking of Batman films, Clooney’s turn with the cowl is almost always ranked dead last. It’s among the most reviled superhero movies from critics and fans alike. Clooney would have expected to forget the entire experience, but he did the exact opposite.

According to DeadlineThe star likes reminding himself of his flop. Clooney keeps a photo in his home of him as Batman.He sat in his office to remind us of the consequences of taking on roles only for the money.

This principle is also his life. It’s been decades since Clooney took money upfront for his films. Clooney: “I’ve taken a minor partial upfront payment and gambled on the back end on all my movies. Some have underperformed, but they have never been designed for huge grosses.” He’d rather gamble on his own success than take guaranteed money upfront.

This is what he lives by

The tycoon holds this maxim to be true. Clooney was once offered $35million for a commercial shoot. He declined. Clooney was once offered $35 million for a one-day commercial shoot, but he declined. High in the Air star didn’t believe in the product, and wouldn’t do it just for the money. If he loses even one minute of sleep over a project he won’t do it.

Clooney is known for being generous with his money. In addition to his generosity, Clooney once gifted $1 million cash to his closest friends. It must be fun to have the money to do this. Anyway, at least Clooney doesn’t shy away from his failures and genuinely only wants to make money on projects he really believes in.

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