Why Hilary Duff isn’t “Love” Discussing Lizzie McGuire Reboot


Hilary DuffIt isn’t possible to confirm that Lizzie McGuireIt is possible to reboot “So Yesterday.”

While the actress seemed frustrated by the reboot’s cancellation in December 2020, she seems more optimistic about its prospects now that a year has gone by. “It’s not dead and it’s not alive,”She explained the details on The Cut Podcast. “I think there’s always possibility there. And like, if she’s 40, I don’t think people care. It’s always going to be somewhat interesting to people to see where she ended up.”

However, before people begin singing about how these are the dreams of their lives, she pointed out that “I don’t really love to talk about this because the Internet seems to explode whenever Lizzie stuff is brought up.”

You are guilty. Lizzie fans have been avidly following this story since Disney first announced they would be reviving the series in August 2019. Hilary, who was thrilled to see Lizzie again, told E! News, “She was there for everyone in their pre-teens. She was their best friend, and I would love to try to embody that for her in her 30s and going through those challenges.”

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