Why Is Artist Damien Hirst Burning His Paintings?


Damien Hirst, a British artist of international renown, recently displayed one of his most famous works. “spot”He displayed paintings at a London art museum and then he put them in a fire.

This is why a famous artist would do this.

Well, leave it up to Hirst to flip the art world upside down as he told the crowd, “I’m not burning my art, I’m transforming it.”

He plans to transform it into an NFT (aka non-fungible token), so that a digital copy will be preserved forever.

“I think this has to be part of the process to create truly digital artworks is to destroy the physical artwork,”He said. “The two can’t exist at the same time.”

Hirst gave collectors of his art a choice — keep the NFT or take home a physical copy.

“NFTs are too new for me, whereas having something I can hold, I prefer that,” one collector said.

Nearly half of the buyers chose NFT, so he was able to blow his painting up in flames.

“It’s such a unique idea to bring into the art world,”Kyle Johns, a UK-based digital artist collector said. “It’s not destroying. It was cementing the fact that it’s only gonna be an NFT.”

The artist isn’t always able to transform the art.

“The better the title, the harder it is to burn it,”He said.

This strange experiment was intended to determine the relative value of digital art over physical art.

“Which is worth more ? I still don’t know. And which is better? I still don’t know,”Hirst spoke.

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